Why Rating a Professional on Vconnect Helps Everyone

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“How does this dress look on me?”

“Really nice!”

Makes you feel better, doesn’t it? What our loved ones or peers have to say, always matter to us when it comes to purchases or experiences. Whether it is trying a new restaurant that your colleague recommended or taking the advice of your neighbor to get the carpenter or a plumber to do daily fixes, we always take recommendations seriously. Do you not then consider your advice as valuable to others as you consider theirs? An experience of someone-favorable or not, helps you take a sound decision about hiring someone, buying or availing a service.

When we onboard a professional on Vconnect, they go through a stringent quality check based on preset parameters. We have a business development team that has the sole purpose of scouting the best in the business and make them available at a fair price to everyone. A review or a feedback helps us keep the professionals in check and helps them to improve their services.

Here are some reasons why rating/reviewing a professional on Vconnect is important

1. Helping others

Your opinion matters just as much to others as their opinion matters to you. What you experience after a service also gives them points to consider while availing the service themselves. When you are trying something for the first time you do want an opinion that will help you to relish the experience in the best possible way. If a professional under a particular service category is highly rated, the first thing that crosses your mind is the fact that the services rendered are of great quality. Help others by rating a professional on Vconnect to choose the best professional for their job.

2. Helping Vconnect

Our job does not end after onboarding the professional. In fact, it begins at that point! After onboarding, we assist the professional with the platform and help them to interact with the customers in a way that renders a great experience. We check on the professional after a customer leaves a review or a rating. A bad rating (or consistent bad ratings) makes us realize that a professional is not delivering services up to the set standard of Vconnect. A good review helps us to push the hardworking professional even more on our platform, so he or she is visible to as many people as possible.

3. Helping the professionals

A word of encouragement or criticism always helps one get better. Our professionals are no different. Every professional on the platform treats a new job (whether from an old customer or a new one) as extremely important. When they provide you with the service, they expect to be given a feedback. A feedback always helps to do better and become better.

4. Helping yourself

We have thousands of professionals on Vconnect. An unfavourable experience may leave you disappointed and you may never come back on Vconnect. But won’t you lose out on the good professionals as well? After an unfavorable experience, the Vconnect team will ensure your issue is resolved. Similarly, after a favorable experience from a particular professional, we give you the option to go with the same one by assigning the professional (or similarly rated/reviewed professionals to you).

Rating a professional helps everyone involved get better, be better because all our customers always deserve better. If you have not rated a professional yet, do it soon. It will be a big help!


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