#DiscoverWithVConnect: What is a business list?

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One of the upgrades that make our new website truly functional is our business curation tool called “business lists”.

We designed the “business list” to help you find, engage and keep track of the right local businesses as easily as possible.

You can create business lists along different lines of interest. For example, you can create a list of your “favourite restaurants on the Island”, “top grocery stores in Surulere”, “top 3 photo studio in Lagos” or “top restaurants to watch the sunset in Lagos.” The lists are limitless.

Why does this even matter?

There are a number of advantages the business tool affords you. It gives you a quick access to businesses that fulfill a certain need for you. You can also make the best business popular while helping other people in your network connect with them.  Apart from creating a list, you can also view other users lists and get helpful information about other businesses.

How to create your own business list

create list vconnect

Create Your First Business List


We rely on your feedback to make the experience the best it can be for you. Share your feedback in the comments. As always, we’ll be listening and taking your thoughts seriously.


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