What are leads and why you should be interested

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What are ‘Leads’?

You might have heard of a lead defined as various things. Here at Vconnect, leads are potential customers who have expressed an interest in using a service you provide.

These are not people just browsing through, these are people looking to actually hire your service.

How it works

When a user on the Vconnect expresses interest in a service, we request for details of what they are looking for based on the requirements for rendering that service.

For example, if the user is looking for fumigation services, they would provide information about the type of pest, the size of the building, what day of the week they would like the exercise carried out and other details.

Same way, if it is catering services the user requires, then information about what kind of meals needed, number of guests expected, special dietary exceptions and other requirements would be provided.

This information is then relayed to your business if you match the requirements the user wants.

After this, you and the user then negotiate how much the service would cost, if all terms are satisfactory for the user, you get hired.

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What’s Next?

When you receive a new lead, you will get an email and SMS notifying and requesting you to do one of these;

If you wish to reply to the lead, you click “Accept’

If you are not interested in the lead, you then click ‘Reject’

However, you have to respond quickly to the leads as you will be charged for a lead if there is no response from your end within the 24 hours response time allotted to you.

After responding to the enquiry, you will be able to view the contact details of the user when the user views your message.

The good news is that you can pause this service so you don’t get charged whenever you are unable to accept or reject leads. This is especially useful if you get overwhelmed with the number of leads you are getting, or maybe you get tied up in something else.

After you get hired, make sure you encourage the user to rate your service and you also should rate the user.

Services with good ratings and reviews have higher chances of getting hired

If you are ready to get more customers, see if your business qualifies for the service by heading over to www.business.vconnect.com/getleads. Newly registered businesses get 20 free leads worth up to N10,000.00.



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