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The #VConnectSMEChat is an informative session with Nigerian SMEs. We discuss topics ranging from startup stories to government and environmental influence on running a business. The #VConnectSMEChat is open to users to ask questions and make contributions to the discussion using the hashtag #VConnectSMEChat.

Oladunni Adewuyi, an accountant by training and Fellow of ICAN, now heads the affairs at Riverside Montessori School. She was on featured on twitter at #VConnectSMEChat and she spoke on government and education.


VC- Today, we’re on the chat with Mrs Adewuyi @RiversideEdu. How about a brief introduction ma’am?

Good morning, my name is Oladunni Adewuyi, I am the head of Riverside Montessori School. I am a certified Montessorian

VC-  @RiversideEdu seems to be a pretty new institution. How old is the institution? And how long have you been in the Educational sector?

 Riverside Montessori School is 7 years old. I have been in Education since 2003. I started my career as an Accountant. I am a Fellow of ICAN

VC- Interesting! What would you say regarding the current government’s stance on education?

 Government should allocate more funds to education. More schools, basic learning infrastructure, 21st century facilities, training and better remuneration. We also need to ensure that qualified individuals are in strategic positions to ensure policy formulation is apt. Government should also continue to tackle corruption and laws need to be enacted to make it an offense to keep children out of school.  Government officials should also be dissuaded from sending their children to school abroad.

-Audience Question/Contribution

Abd’kareem ‏@seyhleb

@RiversideEdu that one teacher that couldn’t read properly in Edo state. We should just weed out all those guys first #VConnectSMEChat

VC-  @seyhleb @RiversideEdu What do you think regarding this suggestion? #VConnectSMEChat

 Of course! A person who cannot read should not even be in the Administrative section of a school.

VC- Lagos State plans to teach 1 million students to code. Will @RiversideEdu participate in this exercise?

 Definitely! We have a culture of continuous improvement. We always key into opportunities that will better our pupils’ learning experiences

VC-  How has it been staying afloat during this economic situation. Parents are probably late on paying fees…


 The economic recession is affecting everyone but we do not compromise standards. Nigerian parents are passionate about education….

We are being humane by offering opportunity to pay in installments. Standard discounts also apply for siblings on tuition and bus fare.

VC- The @RiversideEdu orchestra were recently at the Lagos Book & Art Festival at Freedom Park, Lagos Island. Do you have any plans for the festive season?

Yes, we are having a concert for our current & prospective parents. Our Orchestra has will also be performing. The children will also be treated to a Christmas bash! They deserve it as they have worked hard and they DON’T UNDERSTAND RECESSION!.

VC- We will be looking forward to it.Thank you for joining us ma!

Pleasure is mine…….

Oladunni Adewuyi is the head of affairs at Riverside Montessori School. She is also an  accountant by training and Fellow of ICAN.


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