Vconnect is not only giving small businesses websites, they get them to build it themselves!

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In my line of work, I get to hang out with software developers often. A recurring joke is me pretending I know whether what is on their screen is C# (C-Sharp) or JavaScript.

So the idea of creating a website by myself seems as far-fetched as me becoming an astronaut (really, if you know about any astronaut openings, let me know).

When the guys in the product team talked about creating DIY (Do-It-Yourself) websites that would help small business owners customise their websites as they wish, I was skeptical as to how doable it would be.

Fast forward to launch fo VConnect sites and I got to play around with the process, and it was as simple as promised. All you have to do is drag and drop images into the templates provided and in a matter of minutes, you have a website ready for your business, for free!

Of course you have to register and claim your business on VConnect first, make sure your profile at least 80% complete, then click on websites to get creative.

The website is free for a month, after which you can subscribe to whatever package on VConnect best suits your needs.

Do it yourself in four steps

1. To get started, (after registering your business on VConnect of course) make sure your profile is at least 80% complete, not only does this help you get the free website, an up-to-date profile on VConnect can get you more customers.

2. Click on websites in your business dashboard, then click start trial, then manage website to start creating your personalised website.

3. You are taken to the website editor where you simply drag and drop the elements you want to include in your website. You have options to add text, columns, images, contact forms, Google maps and more.

4. When you have designed the website to your taste, simply click publish, and there you have it! Your own business website, for FREE.

Try it out yourself. Register and claim your business on VConnect. When you are done, you can start bragging to people that you are web designer just like I do now, I mean, I designed a website myself! what do you call that?

VConnect ‘connects’ (see what we did there?) you with millions of ready-to-buy visitors. Choose a business solution that’s perfect for you. Start at


Usman is a content developer and screenwriter. Bizarrely, he has never been seen in the same room with Batman, leading many to believe he is indeed the Dark Knight. He refuses to comment on these claims.

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