Vconnect Business Summit 2018- Three Important Takeaways

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Over forty businesses, experienced business leaders, inventive speeches, extremely informative keynote speeches, sums up the VConnect Business Summit 2018. The event took place at Oriental Hotel, Lekki, on Saturday, June 23rd and was a huge hit with all those in attendance. With an ample dose of knowledge that encouraged thought leaders to work, the summit also had time for play! The service professionals participated in fun games and were rewarded with prizes as well. Vishal Tulsiani, Business Development Manager, VConnect,  made sure that the event was organized and conducted without any hiccups (not all heroes wear capes!). The event not only served as a platform for a healthy meet and greet but was also a great opportunity for service professionals to network.

The launch of Market by VConnect

Market by Vconnect, an innovative means to promote effective marketing and empower small and medium scale enterprises, was officially launched at the event. Market by VConnect seeks to provide business professionals and SMEs a convenient place to sell their services without worrying about the cost of marketing, advertising, and promotion. The customer acquisition cost for businesses will come down drastically with Market by VConnect. Whenever there is a new inquiry for a service need, businesses will get direct intimations of the same. It is a win-win situation for both businesses and customers, as customers will now be able to get things done quickly. The burden of comparison of quotes, referrals, recommendations is taken away by Market by VConnect.

The business summit was also an opportunity to introduce a new feature for a better business experience. The ‘Auto Accept’ feature was introduced to connect business professionals to customers. The feature is available on the business dashboard. This feature allows businesses to automatically accept customer inquiries and instantly kickstart engagements between the two.

Taking the Pledge

Taking a pledge is one of the first steps to onboard a business professional on VConnect. This ensures safety and security of the customers. The pledge is a promise that professionals take to serve their customers with utmost sincerity, professionalism and quality service. Professionals are to provide their bank details and government issued ID in for completing the verification process. Apart from the need for security, Sammie added that “Businesses that have taken the pledge get higher visibility and increase their chances of connecting with customers. 87% of people looking for professionals prefer to connect with one that has the badge over those that don’t.”

All service professionals in attendance took the pledge at the event.

Join our cause and take the pledge here

Felicitating the Best

To commemorate the event, Vconnect showed loyalty appreciation to veteran professionals that have been with Vconnect for 5-7 years. Businesses bagged expert awards for an outstanding performance and excellent service over the years. The winners exemplified unparalleled customer service and skill. VConnect believes in awarding business professionals who dedicatedly work towards serving the customers. Here are the winners from that night:





To become a part of a success story and join us for the next summit, Sign up with VConnect as a business!







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