Top 6 Skills Your Carpenter Must Have

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Carpenters are the reason behind a lot of beautiful homes. They build and fix structures made from wood and other materials. They construct fixtures such as windows, doors, stairways, drawers, cabinets, and more.

Just as carpentry is a specialty, there are also sub-specialities within carpentry. Some carpenters only specialize in residential fixtures. Some are commercial and some industrial.

There are certain skills you should look out for when hiring a carpenter. Here are the top six.

Critical Thinking

Whether we like it or not, things don’t always go as planned. A project could have to run longer than the stipulated time or some materials aren’t available or there could be a purchase error. Carpenters should be able to think on the spot for a solution or better still, foresee a problem so as to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Communication/Customer Relations/Customer Service

Generally speaking, good communication skills take you a long way. A carpenter should be able to communicate effectively with you. It is their job, but you should also be able to understand technicalities of the changes being made on your space.

They should also be attentive and listen to your needs. This way, you are rest assured your needs will be accurately met.

Math Skills

Basic math skills are a good carpenter’s best friends. Several tasks that need to be carried out involve mathematical know-how. Examples of those things are: studying blueprints, budget planning and control, measurement and estimating time of delivery.

Mechanical Skills

The use of certain tools require mechanical skills to effectively carry out the tasks needed. A carpenter has to be able to use tools and machines such as power saws, electronic levels, ladders and also have the knowledge on how to fix them if the need arises.

Physical Strength

Carpentry involves a lot of heavy lifting. Carpenters need physical strength to log heavy materials and tools. They need stamina too because a lot of jobs require climbing, standing and bending for long periods of time.

Attention to detail

You may not necessarily see certain flaws in your carpenter’s work. A carpenter should pay attention to the littlest of details, from measurements to positioning of fixtures.


Having an idea isn’t enough, your carpenter should be able to complement your ideas with even more beautiful ones and implement them better than your expectations.

PS: you can already tell if the carpenter is creative from the way he reacts to your ideas.


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