Top 5 Commercial Flooring Suitable for your Office Space

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You know how you feel when you walk into an office that is beautifully designed, with a perfect blend of style and functionality? That’s exactly how people who visit your company’s office should feel. Different elements combine to give your office the “face” it deserves, and flooring is one of them.

It isn’t exactly best practice to apply the same type of flooring to every part of your office space. Different rooms, parts or zones in the office require different forms of flooring. The right commercial office flooring is determined by different factors like budget, foot traffic, and maintenance requirements.  Here are the top five flooring suitable for different parts of the office space:

Carpet Tiles

These are durable and easy to install. The tiles come in different sizes and do not wear and tear easily. However, if a section of the tiles gets damaged from scratches or too much load, only the tiles affected can be pulled out and replaced. Carpet tiles are suitable for meeting rooms, conference rooms and common areas in the office because they absorb noise. So, you and your team members or clients can deliberate in peace without every other person in the office praying that you leave the meeting rooms early. Carpet flooring comes with cushions that act as padding for the bottom of the carpet tiles.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Flooring

Who doesn’t love the sight of these beauties? They are beautiful and can come in different colours and textures. They are durable and give a really clean and modern ambience to your office space. Porcelain tiles are waterproof, stylish and also cost-effective. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are not noise-absorbent and will be perfect for kitchen and bathroom areas within the office. They can be used for other areas in the office that do not require noise control.

Hardwood Flooring

Just as the name implies, it is made up of wood. Hardwood flooring is stylish and elegant when properly installed and is fairly durable. The downside is that it can be damaged by moisture, stains, and scratches from heavy objects. They are great for spaces that do not accommodate a lot of foot traffic, for example, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Hardwood flooring is quite easy to maintain.


This has the same look as hardwood but is less prone to damage. It has a thick surface coating to prevent damages from scratches, moisture, and heavy furniture. Laminate flooring in commercial spaces will require regular maintenance but is sure to serve you well.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Vinyl tiles are ideal for high traffic areas. LVT have designs that mimic the look of hardwood, stone tiles, and ceramic tiles. This is perhaps one of the most versatile types of flooring for office spaces. It comes in different designs and sizes. Luxury Vinyl Tiles add an element of sophistication to your office space. Vinyl flooring can be slippery and should be treated for slip-resistance.

It may be confusing having to take into consideration all these details about the flooring options. This is where a flooring professional comes in. A flooring contractor will walk you through all your options given the budget available as well as the function of the various rooms it will be installed in. Pretty straightforward! One that we can recommend is Nobel Carpets, and don’t let the carpet in the name make you think they are just dealers in carpets. They specialise in different types of flooring. To learn more and discuss options, you can contact them here.


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