The three types of people who review your business

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Reviews have a huge influence on whether people will buy from your business or not.

BrightLocal, the international SEO agency, found that  91% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews to find out if a local business is good or bad.

So it’s in your best interest to have enough reviews about your business.

In this article, we’ll share the three types of people that review your business. Understanding these different classes of people will help you better know how to solicit reviews from your customers.

Here they are:

1. The compulsive reviewer

The compulsive reviewer has an opinion about every business they have visited and they are not reserved about sharing those opinions.

You probably know one person like this. They always have a recommendation at hand. Is your dog sick? They have a list of the best vets in town. Do you want a special dinner date with your spouse? They have a list of the best up-market restaurants.

This type of reviewer is invaluable to your business. If you can give them a great customer experience, they’ll never stop talking about you.

The other side is that, if you give them a bad customer experience, they won’t stop talking about it either.

2. The brand haters

People in this category only leave reviews when they’ve had a less-than-optimal experience with a company. About 5% of all reviewers are in this category. They are fine to leave you be when you’ve provided an excellent service. But if you err on the opposite end by providing a subpar service, they will share that experience everywhere.  

They do so because they feel hurt and upset. And often, leaving a review is the only way to get the hurt out of their system.

There are more people in this category than any other category. According to experts, people who are unhappy with an experience more likely to leave a review online than people who are happy.

3. The expressive reviewer

This group leaves reviews when they have had a meaningful experience with a business. Reviews from this group are perhaps the best kind you can have as a business. The reviews are usually expressive, genuine and make references to specific components of their experience. For example, the particular way an attendant smiled, or the quality of air in your space. Most people here are introverts. It takes an introvert to note such specifics as the air quality index in your space and also be able to articulate those thoughts.

These people provide the most helpful insight for your potential customers. Although they react to negatives about your business, they don’t exaggerate like the brand haters.

For reviews that are expressive and particular like in this category, make sure you take them to heart. Thank the reviewer and mention you’d be using their feedback to improve your business.

An example of a great reply is this:

“Hi (first name of user),

Thanks for giving us a perfect rating, and for recommending us. I’m sure our staff enjoyed serving you as much as you enjoyed your stay. I hope we’ll see you soon. Call us if there is anything we can help you with

That way, you are making them a lifetime fan.


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