Things to Consider Before Buying an SUV

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Buying a car is a decision that requires a lot of research and thinking. It is not just about having something to drive around town, it is about getting something that will serve you well. Since the invention of the SUV, auto companies have manufactured different models. With each model getting better than the last. If you’re considering buying an SUV, here are 6 things to look out for:

Space Requirements

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This is especially important for those with large families. A person with a large family should consider purchasing an SUV with three-row seating. Otherwise, a two-row seater would serve just fine. You should take some time to decide on the size of the SUV you intend to buy before you head down to the auto dealer’s.

Fuel Consumption

Before you purchase an SUV, make sure to read up on its rate of fuel consumption. SUVs are designed to consume more fuel than the average automobile. There are different types of engines that an SUV can have. They are the four-cylinder engine, six-cylinder engine, and the eight-cylinder engine. Your choice of engine would depend on how often you will be hitting the road and how long your trips are. If you drive long distances, a four-cylinder engine might be the best option for you. A really great option would be the Changan CS35 which has a 1.6L aluminium engine with dual variable valve timing (DVVT). This, in turn, enables for high speed that is regulated by a torque, thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

Lifestyle and Budget

If you are not constrained by budget, by all means, go for the more luxury SUV brands. However, a budget isn’t your only consideration in this regard. A person who has children who are still quite little, might have to worry about spills being made on expensive car interior furniture. Nobody needs to tell you how messy, children can get. A person with little kids might be better off getting an SUV that is affordable and of good quality. There are SUVs which are budget friendly and are of great quality. An example is the CS35 by Changan. It is sold at N6.2 million which is a great price to cop a high-quality SUV.

Four-Wheel Drive or Two-Wheel Drive

Because you will be driving in Nigeria, I recommend that you go for the four-wheel drive. This is because a four-wheel drive is perfect for rough terrains and bumpy roads with a lot of potholes. A two-wheel drive is easier to maintain and saves more fuel but isn’t quite ideal for our Nigerian roads.

Crossover or Conventional

SUVs come in two categories: crossover and conventional.  Crossover SUVs are smaller and offer improved handling that is similar to driving a car. While conventional SUVs drive more like trucks and have towing capacities. If you will be hauling heavy loads with your SUV, then it’s best you purchase a conventional SUV.

Safety Features

An SUV is higher and larger than a normal car which makes it have a higher centre of gravity. This means that an SUV is more likely to be involved in rollover accidents. As with many automobiles, SUVs come with a variety of safety features. To choose the best option, you should research about the different safety features that the SUV offers. The Changan CS35 offers quite a number of safety options. It has the latest Bosh stability system, tyre pressure monitoring, fatigue monitoring, and intelligent parking assist. It also comes with safety belts, four-wheel disc brakes, and four airbags.

You can try out the Changan SUV by booking a test drive to see if you like it. You can also find a range of top quality SUVs and other car models on the Vconnect platform.

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