The Ultimate Holiday & Christmas Season Checklist

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, that time of the year when the excitement just sets in and we are in a festive mood. With friends and family coming over and the holiday season kicking in, the fun never stops And rightly so. why should the fun stop? Because of the stress of preparing delectable dishes for the guests? the after cleaning of a party? Looking your best for every get-together? or planning the perfect holiday for your family?

To be honest, those are some things to stress about. What if we told you Vconnect has you covered? We have the means to complete the ultimate checklist that makes your holidays as enjoyable as it can be. Without worrying about completing the many tasks and meeting all your loved ones with the undivided attention they deserve, you can get a lot done…with just a little help.

We present to you The Ultimate Holiday & Christmas Season Checklist:

1. Pre-cleaning

Who wouldn’t want to come to a lovely home? Your guests are no exception. Before you call them into your humble abode, get a cleaning done. You do not have to get one done in great detail as after party would also entail a lot of cleaning and clearing the mess. It is a good idea to get your upholstery and furniture cleaning done along with some window cleaning perhaps.

2. Look your best

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Putting your best foot forward does not necessarily mean with regard to your house. You are the most important part of the whole fun and we would want you to play that part well. Get a professional makeup done as part of getting ready. We have experts who can help you with some party makeup. If you do not intend to get one done, how about some pampering and stress relieving activities after (or even before) the party. You can get a facial treatment in the comfort of your home or even a relaxing massage.

3. Get planners in place

Instead of taking the onus of the entire party, just get a planner who can help you with one. From the decorations to food, from sending invites to preparing the guest list, a planner can help you with the party of any size or budget.

4. Delicious recipes in the making

Food and drinks are the most important aspects of a get-together. They can either make your party or break it. Delectable recipes make for a fine conversation point and a memorable party. Your guests would remember the food served with fondness but why strut between the kitchen and the serving table when you can hire a caterer to make the food and a server to serve your guests. Why spend all that time worrying when you can enjoy the hot food with your loved ones at the same time?

5. Post-cleaning

Post cleaning is perhaps more important than pre-cleaning. After the party is over, you look at the aftermath. The tough stains on furniture, the food spills, the overflowing garbage and much more. A little would certainly help in this regard, won’t it? Just so you have all the bases covered, get a complete house cleaning done post party. You can also find specific home cleaning services done by just logging onto the Vconnect website.

6. Go ahead and travel 

A long holiday season invariably calls for ample family time, and what better way to bond with them than through a family holiday. Planning a holiday is not easy. You have to think about each and every member of the family and everyone has a different temperament. The holiday should be kid friendly as well as adult friendly. Take suggestions from our travel agents and let them handle the tickets, hotel, and visa for you. For an economical fee, you can have a relaxing holiday in every sense of the day.

We hope the holiday season is amazing in every sense of the word with this ultimate checklist. All it takes is logging on to the Vconnect website and click things to happen. Wish you a very happy holiday season!



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