The Perfect Skin Care Routine Before You Sleep at Night

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Ever wondered why do they call it the beauty sleep? Most of us know that we should remove our makeup before we doze off to sleep, but do we know why? When we are sleeping, the body boosts the blood flow which results in a healthy glow. Lack of sleep dulls the skin and makes it look lifeless. It also results in dark circles and makes the skin look ashen due to lack of blood flow. One must get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Some great benefits of sleeping right are fewer wrinkles, glowing complexion and lack of puffy eyes.

What should be the ideal routine for your skin in the night before you doze off for that beauty sleep? Here are 8 ways to go about it:


Wash your face with cold water. Cod water open pores of the skin and lets it breathe. Even if you do not use a face wash that is fine, but you can remove some part of your makeup. Do not rub the facewash on your skin too hard and just use the tip of the fingers to lather the face wash into your skin in a circular motion. Pat dry using a cotton towel.

Remove all makeup

First and absolutely the foremost-remove all traces of makeup from every part of the face.   Use a good and a branded makeup remover to do that using a cotton pad or a cotton cloth. Be gentle on the skin when removing the makeup and do not press it too hard. A good brand’s makeup remover will also have moisturizing qualities to soften the skin.


You do not need to do this every night Just exfoliate your skin twice every month before you sleep to remove the dead skin. Use an exfoliation cream that works for your skin. A scrub is anyway a little harder than a soap or a facewash, so ensure you do not rub it in too hard on your skin. Use more of it on areas of the face which are prone to blackheads/whiteheads- nose, chin, forehead.


Now that the pores are open, it is time to apply the toner. Rose water works as a refreshing toner which is also natural. Try to use products that are more natural than chemically induced for your skin in the night.


A very important step for all skin types, especially the dry skin. Moisturising the skin is important to avoid wrinkles and these days you get night creams in the market that are especially rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E oil has natural antioxidants that rejuvenate skin by repairing damaged skin.

Switch pillowcases

Use silk pillowcases to sleep as they are milder on the skin than the cotton ones. They are also good for the hair as they help in retaining the curls and not making the hair frizzy. So you get two benefits in one pillowcase!

Don’t sleep face down

Sleeping facedown or on your stomach does not let your skin breathe. If possible, sleep on your back. Make sure you are comfortable in that position by using the right pillow so that back does not come under stress. Your comfort is obviously important for a good sleep!

Use a humidifier

A humidifier helps those who are living in extremely dry conditions. It helps your skin retain the moisture that it needs and also helps those who suffer from sinus by providing the necessary moisture.

We hope the above routine helps you get a healthy glowing skin. Following the above routine will also ensure a good nights sleep makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on tomorrow. You can ask the skin experts on Vconnect for more tips and help with your beauty routines. 


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