The Only Guide You Will Ever Need For Lighting Your Home

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Perfect lighting makes a world of difference! Imagine a stage with a singer. The voice may intoxicate you, but with the great lights, you are able to spot the talent. View them in all their glory. Much like the spotlight, proper light fixtures can accentuate your home and make the difference that you are looking for. With a little investment, you can perhaps achieve a luxurious look that otherwise traditional interiors will not help you get.

In the last blog, we shared beautiful homes of celebrities that have envious interiors. Well in this one, we take you through one aspect of interiors. Often ignored, yet creating the perfect look if added to your list of things. Do not go by our word, the celebrities (especially the famous comedian Ay Makun) will also vouch for it.

We bring to you The only guide you will ever need for lighting your home and with the help of Vconnect professionals, you can easily get this in the budget you have in mind!

Types of lights

What are the different ways to light up a house? There is general lighting that uniformly lights up the place. Depending on the place, the uniformity can vary. For example, the study or the kitchen will need more uniformity in lights than perhaps a foyer or a media room. We have the quintessential tube light as a go-to solution for this, but now options are plenty!

We then have task lighting, which is placed under specific areas to illuminate them. For instead a cabinet, or a kitchen counter top. As the name suggests, it brings to focus the areas you need more light in. Just like a working table light or a reading light. Inbuilt LED lights in certain gadgets are not only inventive but also cost-effective.

Decorative lights are the third kind you can go creative with. Whether as fixtures or hanging lights, the options are plenty and in different designs. They also allow you to add the decorative element to a room while being effective in use.

As the name suggests cabinet lightings are helpful in showing you the way in dark storage spaces of say a kitchen cabinet or a closet. You can also use this type of light in showcases to highlight specific travel buys or your children’s trophies.

Areas of lighting

We come to areas of lighting and the reason why we list this as a subhead is that different areas need different forms and fixtures of lighting to set the mood of the house.

The Hallway

The place you can truly experiment with lights, is the hallway. You can go whimsical or classy depending on the rest of the interiors of the house. Go with decorative lights to welcome guests into your home and make them marvel at the creativity. Since your guests will only use the hallway as a transient space, rather than spending time there, it is perfect to go mellow here.

Drawing Rooms

The sitting room needs to be comfortable not just for the family but also for the guests. If you have a separate room for sitting, it is nice to have a completely different lighting treatment to that. Understand the furniture and the accents you are using (upholstery, cushions etc.) and complement it with lights. If you have particular purchases to show off (travel trinkets, paintings etc.), use overhead lights to put them in the spotlight.


The kitchen is one of the few spaces in the house that needs a combination of lights. It is the space that you need to be most comfortable in, to be able to see extremely well every nook and corner. But you do not need to go overboard with the lights and concentrate on lighting the workspaces. Countertops need to have plenty of light and you can instill cabinet lights on the top shelf especially.


The place you unwind needs to have comfort through lights as well. Have a central light source or just bedside lamps and wall lights. Do not spend too much money and go with all the options. We recommend the central lights for kids rooms while the latter idea for the master bedroom.

Open Spaces


The open spaces in the house are often the passages of transition. The transition from the entrance to the main house or from one room to another. Have the location and the type of furniture in mind before you instill lights here. You can include secondary lighting here with floor and table lights along with ambient and overhead lights.

We hope this guide helps you in your quest to get the perfect lights for your home and show it in all its glory. Rest assured, our professionals will be happy to help!








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