Surviving the Harmattan Season With Super Cleaning Ideas

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White face, dry lips, and dry air. These are some of the signs that let us know that we are right in the Harmattan season. The dusty winds from December to February not just affect our health, but also our homes too. You dust your shelves now and in two minutes, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a month. It’s tough, alright.

These simple and doable hacks will help you survive Harmattan season with a super clean home:

Pay attention

Start by paying close attention to certain parts of your home more than the others. For instance, the kitchen is extremely important to keep clean because all the food that you cook and consume, comes from there. As a Vconnect customer, Mrs. Oghota says, “We focus on keeping the kitchen and the living room clean as we both work and can’t really keep cleaning all areas of the house all day. But the dust has no place in our kitchen and the living room because we also have kids at home.”

Twice daily!

You must be cleaning at regular intervals anyway. Be it a weekly clean up schedule or even daily basic cleaning. We suggest you amp it up during the Harmattan season and do a twice daily round. Dry and dusty winds from the Sahara are carried into our homes through windows, shoes, etc. The wind picks large amounts of the dust and brings it into your home inevitably. To avoid a dusty layer on all things, try to schedule your cleaning twice daily!

Cover it up

Cover up things that you can. Like magazines, books, have a footwear stand outside or right at the entrance of your house, wear and have designated pair of home slippers and do not wear them outside. Such simple and doable tricks make a large difference.

Change of fabric

During the season, change the upholstery and sheets of your bed to fabrics that repel dirt and are easy to wash. There are a number of options in the market that are easily available and extremely affordable. You do not have to compromise on the beauty of your decor and the task of removing the dirt becomes easier.

Get experts

Yes! the most convenient way of handling this season is to hire cleaning experts from Vconnect. They not only help you with the deep cleaning that the Harmattan season should entail but can make it as regular as you would want. You can also select specific spaces to clean, instead of the whole house to reduce cost.

We hope the above tips help you to brave the Harmattan season and welcome the new year with a much happier disposition.


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