An inside scoop on solving global problems: my Lagos Business School Slidedeck

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1.2 million. That’s how many businesses we have listed on VConnect today. I say this now because it was how I recently drove home the point of how technology has made it easy for anyone, anywhere to create solutions that solve global problems.

Last week, the Lagos Business School hosted their fifth alumni session. I was lucky to be picked as the keynote speaker.

I settled to speak on how Africans can create globally scalable startups with technology. Most of the ideas I shared aren’t new but I like to think I presented them in a more relatable manner. I explored how technology has made entrepreneurship easier using stories of startups like AirBnb, Uber and Netflix.

I also attempted to situate it in the African context by spotlighting solutions like mPesa and Ushahidi (both based out from Kenya, Africa) that have been used from Haiti to New York. These solutions address a global need for new ways to transact and new ways to gather information.

Of course, I told the story of VConnect. How it all started on my search for a blood bank after an accident in 2010. And how it has helped more businesses come online since that time.

I knocked up these slides and I hope they give a little insight into the speech and its content. The good folks up at Lagos Business School told me a video of the speech will be available in another week or so. I will share that on here then.

Till then, stay awesome.

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