SME Conference 1.0: This why we are doing this

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We believe SMEs are too important for the local economy to be left without the right support.

Since we opened shop 6 years ago, VConnect has invested heavily in ideas that help small businesses grow rapidly.

We’ve built a product that constantly evolves with the needs of small businesses. Our latest update puts the business front and center of our operations  with a business owner dashboard that lets you add products for inquiries, a robust reporting tool and a user interface that makes sure visitors get all the relevant information about your business at one glance.

Aside from our last update, we are also doubling down on offline activities we hope will help SMEs grow. It’s why we are hosting an SME conference this year.

We are calling it SME Conference 1.0. The event date is January 19, 2017.  (It’s a free event. You can request an invite here.)

Why SME Conference 1.0?

From many years of helping small business come online and manage their online profile, we’ve come to understand that growth finance and effective use of technology are major problems for small businesses.

It’s why we are excited about this conference. We have a real chance to help small business start the new year on the right footing.

Our big idea is that we’ll host about 200 small business along with more than a dozen industry masterminds to talk about these challenges and how to scale them.

Some of these masterminds include Tawa Bolarin of Airtel, Tayo Oviosu who built Paga and Karl Matze from Stanford SEED.  (You can request an invite here.)


Our partner!

To host this event, we’ve tag-teamed with Facebook.

Facebook has been pushing to get more businesses online since we can remember and one of its more visible overtures is the Freebasics. It’s why we are excited about them coming on board with us.

The team at Facebook is just as pumped about the event as us.

“This conference will bring these SMEs up to speed on the resources and technologies available to them, and we are excited about this kind of empowerment,” Jennifer Fong, Strategic Product Partnership manager at Facebook told us.

We need you

Our hope is that small business like yours will get instructive ideas from this conference to grow your business. But we need you to attend first.

Although the event is free, seating is limited. So you have to request an invite.

Go here to request an invite. Registration closes on January 17, 2017.

If you have any questions, drop them in the comments for us.

We hope to see you at the event.

SME Conference 1.0 is organized by VConnect and Facebook. The event date is January 19, 2017.


This event is sponsored by Airtel and Diamond Bank with support from BusinessDay,, Nobel Carpets and

Media Support by Cool FM; Wazobia FM; Nigeria Info and Wazobia TV

Team VConnect

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        1. Hey Chinedu, thanks for reaching out here. So, our faculty is reviewing all entries. Please expect an invite email from us if your company is selected for the conference.

  1. I responded but no invite yet.secondly I need to have the venue of this conference so I can make it there even without the invite as this is a must come for me.thanks to you all at vconnect.

    1. Hi Micheal, thanks for reaching out here. And we’d like to have you with us. We’ve started sending out invites to the 200 businesses we’ll host at the event. If you’ve not seen an invite from us, please check your Spam folder. And if it turns out you are not one of the 200, we’ll send a special link so you can stream the event live.

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