Red is For Love! Best Red Lip Shades For Your Skin

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Luscious red lips is a sign of going bold. You stand out and stand out in style. But the shade red is not just a simple single shade anymore. We have a number of shades available in the market these days.  For those of you wondering why do you even need more one shade of red? Because there are that many to choose from!

There are bright reds, cherry reds, coral red, crimson reds…whew! And each shade makes you look different. Not to mention the difference you can see when you apply matte shades as opposed to gloss and liquid lip colors. It all comes down to how you feel and where you are headed, but the color red can definitely brighten your day. Especially in the month of love!

Here are our picks for red lip color shades that you can pick for dark skin tones:

We start with lip pencils

Lip Pencil in Cherry by MAC

True bright red color from MAC is extremely smooth. It glides on your lip very smoothly and can be used for multiple purposes (lip liner and lipstick). However, it is a bit drying and we do not suggest wearing this alone. That is, we suggest using a colorless gloss or a chapstick before you apply this shade. Easily available at any MAC store or online, check if the shade works for your skin tone at a MAC store where an expert can help you.

NYX dark red 

A darker red than cherry red above, this one is an 844 shade of deep red. However, it is not really extremely dark, just a tad darker than MAC. This is cheaper than MAC definitely and does not put a dent on your pocket at all (like MAC does).

Moving on to lipsticks

Cherry Pop Lippy Stil- Bossy

A very very bright red defined by the brand and as matte. But they do come with a little bit of sheen unlike what the brand claims. Works well with the MAC lipliner. The formula has a bit of a gloss and is economical. They can be ordered from their website or you can find them on Google search in the nearest store near you.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix – Bichette

From the same brand and comes in a darker shade of red. The best part about these shades is that they are mattish in look but have a little bit of a sheen giving it a moisturized effect. They are creamy and well pigmented. Wear it with the NYX dark red lip pencil. The best shade of red to make your go-to color!

Ruby Woo by MAC

For long, this has been a go-to color for many makeup artists and people in general. However, off late, there are a host of lip shades available. We still suggest this because it has a nice bright red to it and it is a lot easier to reapply. It has a matte finish but does dry your lips. So apply chapstick before applying this one.

Jioney USA long lasting lip gloss – LLG18

One of our top picks! This one is all gloss and bright shade of red. Picked up many fashion bloggers and suggested as a must buy. Retailers sell this in different parts of Nigeria which makes it easily available. It lasts extremely long and does not need to be reapplied.

We suggest you take the help of an expert if you are still confused about what to buy. A hit and trial with a makeup professional could help you discover the shades that work for you along with the products before you invest. Book a makeup artist at home from Vconnect and let them work their magic on you!





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