Quick and dirty tips for writing a helpful review on Vconnect

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People rely on your review to make decisions on what to buy, services to use, and places to visit. Some tips for writing a helpful review:

1. Tell a short story

Why did you visit the business? When? What did you expect? And what did you get? How was the ambiance?

2. Focus on your emotions

How did you feel about the quality of service you received? What did the venue remind you of?

3. Don’t be afraid to speculate

Remember that your review is your opinion. It’s okay if everyone doesn’t agree with you. Write what’s true to the extent that you know it is. Always backup your opinion with facts.

4. Be long, but also short

Keep your review short enough to be accessible, but long enough to be relevant. Make sure you include the information that’s relevant to your story and be honest.


If you are a business owner, then you know there are way too many choices when it comes to getting reviews online. Instagram or Facebook? Snapchat or Twitter? It’s tough to decide. That’s where VConnect comes. VConnect provides a platform to collect your testimonials and display them where they can be easily found. Start collecting reviews for your business and getting more sales. Start here.


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