How a power nap makes you more productive

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The 13th of March is designated as World Napping Day, now before you roll your eyes at yet another ‘special day’, bear with us for a minute. Have you noticed how modern offices have couches for workers to grab some quick shuteye?

Well, those organisations are onto something, turns out that those quick naps can actually make you more productive.

Here’s how it works…

Most people do not get enough sleep at night. While it is recommended to get about six hours of sleep nightly, most people are not getting that much sleep for different reasons.

That lack of sleep often leads to tiredness and an inability to focus on tasks during the day.

This is why companies like Google and Apple encourage their workers to take naps during the day, and there is research to suggest it is a good idea.

How long should I sleep for?

Studies suggest naps of about 10-to-20-minutes are ideal. This duration would help improve mental efficiency and productivity.

Why it so great

Napping boosts your memory

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that napping helps improve memory and learning ability.

It is good for your health

Remember what we said about most people not getting enough sleep? Even a short nap help remedy the effects of getting little sleep at night.

A study found that napping at least three times a week for 30 minutes or more showed a  37% lower risk of death from heart disease.

Other benefits of napping include reduced stress and a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and excessive weight gain.

It is better than Caffeine

Research has shown that while caffeine might keep you alert, it doesn’t help your performance.

During an experiment to test people who took naps, a placebo, and a group given caffeine on memory and motor tasks.

The nappers showed an improvement on performance after the nap, the placebo group’s performance declined during as the day progressed, while the caffeine group performed worse than the nap and placebo groups.

What you should do

An ideal time is during your break, make sure you sleep in an upright position so you don’t fall into deep sleep.

Try and squeeze in time to get a nap during the day and see how much better you are for it.


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