How To Plan A Wedding Party With Just N750,000 (or less)

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Budget weddings are gradually becoming popular. More so, the current spike in prices is pushing everyone to get creative with their plans. More people are taking on the challenge to spend less and still have an amazing wedding party.

Like all things Nigerian, Nigerian weddings strive to impress. Nigerians don’t want to see cheap weddings. If you need to spend all the money you have, nobody cares.

However, nobody wants to spend millions on a wedding and have to eat garri and groundnut after. So, we have you covered on how you can spend N750,000 (or less) on your wedding party, otherwise called reception.

Get Help

First of all, if you’re planning anything on a budget, you are definitely going to need a lot of help. From family and friends, to aunties, cousins, etc. You need people you can delegate tasks to. Don’t be shy to ask people to render wedding services instead of the typical expensive wedding gift that you probably won’t open till you’ve had your second child.

Know what you want

Answer these questions: What type of party do you want? How many people are you inviting? How do you want it to look? If you’ve seen receptions that you liked, get pictures. Don’t worry if it looks dreamy. It’s easier to recreate an idea when you have a picture or sample to work with.

Draft a budget based on your theme or style. You can use a budget calculator to know how to portion the money and track your spending. However, we advise that you adjust your budget to fit your style. Since we’re just planning the reception, this is our breakdown:

Couple’s Attire – 24%

These days, it is common practice for the couple to change at least once at the reception. You don’t have to forfeit this just because you’re cutting costs. You should work within the budget.

We won’t split this money equally because the bride usually splurges more. You can get your clothes custom made. There are several Nigerian designers who can work within your budget. You can also wear something that reflects your personal style. For example, if both of you are extremely laid back, you can wear t-shirts with your names monogrammed.

Invites – 6%

Strictly by invitation. Do we have to say it twice? Nigerians love parties. If you’re not careful, someone who doesn’t even know you would have eaten six plates of small chops at your reception.

For invites, get a design done and send it out electronically. Send emails, WhatsApp broadcasts, etc. These days, almost everyone has a phone. Have a guest list and tell people to show the soft copy of their invites. Print only a few copies for older people.

Note: Keep your guest list tight. Friends and family only.

Venue – 18%

This is one area that is hard to cut costs for. You can use the same venue for your religious ceremony and reception. This will save costs. You can also look for an open field or a garden. A friend with a big backyard? Ask them if you can use it.

Indoor venues might be better so you won’t have to worry about restrooms, electricity, chairs, and tables. You can also think unconventional. Are there spaces which are traditionally not used for weddings, but can take your guests?

Explore ideas for do-it-yourself wedding decorations. You can get your friends and family to help out.

Food – 21%

As far as most Nigerians are concerned, weddings and food are synonymous. Use local cooks. They can charge as low as N5000 daily for one cook. Rent all the cooking utensils. You can even ask around. There’s always an aunty or grandma who has party plates and other utensils for parties.

Entertainment & Media – 14%

If you have a funny uncle or friend, get them to serve as the MC, same thing for the DJ. Use a DJ instead of a band. You definitely want nice wedding pictures so, get a good photographer. Even a N5 million reception can look terrible in pictures if you don’t have the right photographer.

Miscellaneous 17%

Did you break or make the budget? There is leftover money to squeeze in.

Extra tip: Don’t have your wedding during a holiday. That excludes summer, Christmas, and public holidays. This might reduce the number of guests and money spent.

The key to doing anything on a budget is to weigh your options. Get planning!  Find wedding planners at the for the best prices on VConnect.

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  3. Thanks for this info. My big bro wedding is coming up this December and am saddled with the responsibility of organizing a nice wedding party with a budget of 1 million naira. I need tips on how to best organize the wedding with the available budget. The wedding is in Onitsha, Anambra state. Thanks. Expecting your reply

  4. Am Sorry to Sat buy it’s easier said DAN done only food nd dress not To talk Of tailoring it costs ALOT,Did u include the list for the engagement nd the parents clothing if your an IBO Girl

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