How to launch a successful business in 5 steps

Starting a new business requires attention to detail. Which is why it isn’t unusual that lots of people put off starting their own business for a long time, starting a business later in life has its advantages.

Before taking the plunge there are certain steps businesses have to take to ensure that the business is successful. These steps might not guarantee success, However, it puts you in good stead towards having a successful business.

1. Research your market

Market research is key. Proper research will help you avoid the mistakes that have often spelt doom for new businesses. This will give a sense of the market you are entering, who’s your competition, who your customers might be and where they are.

This is also the right time to find out how to register your business with CAC or file your taxes properly.

This research will help you create a business that can effectively compete in your market.

2. Create a plan

While this might seem like a moot point, many business owners start a business without a proper business plan. A business plan will help create a guideline for your business based on the research you already have carried out. There are free business plan templates you can take advantage of.

3. Make connections

It is fine to network with friends and family to get the word out, but being online is the more effective way of making connections.

Business engagement platforms like help connect businesses to customers with a business profiles that shows what services or products are offered. The business dashboard also allows businesses answer enquiries from customers straight from the platform.

This way your business can provide services to customers from different geographical locations, leading to more conversions than strictly the brick-and-mortar model only.

4. Get feedback

It is tempting not to want reviews for the fear of a negative review ruining your business profile. Truth is, reviews are good for your business. Vconnect offers free brand aids which you can place at your business to encourage customers to write reviews about you online. When you serve a customer, ask what the customer thinks and encourage the customer to write about their experience online.

As the business finds it’s feet it is important that you find out what you are doing right and what can be improved.

5. Listen and improve

Take the feedback and use it to improve your business. Use social media as a listening tool. Note what people are saying is bad about your business or other businesses and what is good, eliminate any of the bad practices in your business and adopt any of the good ones you can.

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Jimi Osheidu

Jimi is a content developer and screenwriter. Bizarrely, he has never been seen in the same room with Batman, leading many to believe he is indeed the Dark Knight. He refuses to comment on these claims.

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