No time? 6 Simple Exercises That You Can Do At Work

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Deadlines and presentations, reports and meetings, Boss’s woes and strapped for resources, not enough people, too much work. Most of us have to go through all this as part of the daily grind. Our responsibilities at home and at work take a toll on our health. It starts with stress and graduates to a backache, joint pains etc.

What can we do to avoid such situations? If only the day comprised 26 hours instead of 24. But we guess that would still find us catching up on our sleep! We are here to tell you 6 simple exercises that you can at your work! Just steal 15-30 minutes at work every day to make this part of your routine. You do not have change the attire or it does not involve going outdoors. All it needs is some time. And to be honest you can take out at least 30 minutes of your precious time for your own health.

Here are some exercises for you:

All that time spent sitting 

On an average, we spend about 7 hours sleeping and 9 hours working. That is about 16 hours of putting your body in a resting posture. Add to that you commute in a vehicle sitting on a seat probably. You probably also have your food delivered to your desk so you can save time. Going back home is also sitting, even when it is a public transport you would wish for that. Even if you go for a run or get on the treadmill for an hour after all this sitting, is it really going to help? All this sitting is going to lead to obesity, knee and joint pains and muscle weakening. So much for sitting? The answer is simple-stop sitting so much! Try to stand and work at a desk which lets you keep your laptop at a safe height. Walk around the office every 30 minutes for a minute or two. You can also move your feet in clockwise and anticlockwise directions (10 times each side) and do this with your hands too. These simple exercises can help you lose up to 10 kg!

Are you even sitting right?

If you are not convinced by the simple fix given above, think about this. Are you even sitting right? Wrong postures can lead to a lot of backaches and diseases which will risk your health. We slouch a lot, cran our heads forward and it is not good news for your back. Your desk chair should be at the right height as it can drastically reduce strain on your neck, back, and knees. You should be able to put your feet flat on the floor and your hips and back should be at right angles. Always avoid the forward head posture as our head is heavy and puts a lot of strain on the back when we lean it forward.

Stretching at desk

After you have made some strides, it is time to stretch. Some easy stretching exercises are:

  1. Reach out your hands- Strech both your hands above your head (like you did in school when you wanted to answer a question). Do this 5-10 times.
  2. Look around- Turn your head left and right and hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat at least 10 sides on both sides
  3. Move your neck- Sit up straight and move your neck slowly in the clockwise direction and anti-clockwise direction. Do this twice only and make sure you are moving your neck slowly
  4. Shrug it off- Move your shoulders to the ears and drop them slowly. You can move your shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise as well
  5. Chest stretching- Bring your hands to the back and press your palms together. Hold this position for 5 seconds

It is time for an upgrade

The objective in life is always to move forward. So after the series of exercises above, it is time for an upgrade. Here is what you do:

  1. Climb stairs- instead of taking the elevators, take the stairs
  2. Avoid overdose of coffee, instead replace it with water-based drinks
  3. Squats- From your chair stand up and sit at least 10 times
  4. Wall sitting- A great way to stay fit! Just stand with your back against the wall and slowly lower yourself in a seated position. Hold that position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat.
  5. Talk walking breaks- Instead of smoking breaks, go for a walk in the fresh air. If you must smoke, smoke while walking without being an inconvenience to others.

We hope you include these exercises in your daily routine because we know it will definitely help. For staying fit and healthy, look through the best of health professionals on Vconnect!



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  1. I carefully read this useful tips and along side try to practice it, the line 3 photo with two hands back stretchy wasn’t an easy one. How ever if one can do those little exercises daily it will help a lot to keep you fit and health.
    thanks to Vconnect editors.
    best regards !

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