Nightcap For Your Skin? What to do Before You Sleep

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Before we even begin to tell you what you should do for your skin in the night, we must tell you how important it is to catch up on your sleep. We understand the many roles you have to play before resting your body, but it is of significant importance that your body gets enough rest. We should get sleep in the range of 7-9 hours every day to get back on our feet and be our best for the rest of the day.

Similarly, there is a lot of truth in the whole “beauty sleep” suggestion. During the night the skin actually absorbs all the nutrients in the skincare products. Additionally, there aren’t any environmental stressors like pollution, dust, harsh sunlight etc. Which makes it extremely important to have a good skincare routine in the night.

We are here to tell the things you should follow as a rule for the perfect nightcap for your skin:


Spend a significant amount of time in this step. Cleanse your skin twice if you must. It is important to remove every trace of makeup from your skin using a good makeup remover which is moisturizing as well. Use a cotton dabber to do so. Post this, using cold water use a cleanser on the skin. You can also use cucumber water or rose water (by dabbing it on the skin) after you are done with cleaning it.


The harsh summer and the sunlights wrecks havoc on our skin every day. Despite using a sunblock with a good SPF, the UV rays can harm our skin. To overcome the harm done, taking steam for your skin is a good idea. A lot of steamers are easily available in the market or online. If you do not wish to invest, simply place your head over hot water in a bowl and place a towel over your head. Be careful and do not go too close to the bowl. Spend a good 10-15 minutes doing this.


Once the purs on your skin are open, it is time to scrub any trace amount of dirt on the skin along with whiteheads/blackheads that keep accumulating on the skin every time you go out. Use a good exfoliating scrub and in a circular motion apply it gently on the skin. Take care about using products specifically for your skin type.


Use a good cream based (or even a lotion) moisturizer for your skin. Make sure you apply it on the face gently and evenly. Also, use a cream specifically for the night as they are rich in Vitamin E or Lanolin oil, that gets absorbed well into the skin when you are sleeping and repairs it overnight.

Sleeping Position

Do not sleep on your stomach as the skin on your face can get abrased when it keeps coming in contact with the bed linen overnight. Sleep on your back for the skin to breathe properly.

Following the above routine sorts almost all of your skin problems. Once put into practice, it is not really hard. Even if you are unable to follow all steps, follow 1, 3 and 4. Of course following all of them will be ideal. Get in touch with the skin experts on Vconnect for any makeup needs that do not harm your beautiful skin and makes you shine as bright as you are!


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