Nigerian SMEs: 15 SEO Tips to Beat Your Competitors

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Why have a website no one is seeing? Customers don’t just come to your websites, you need to promote them. SEO – Search Engine Optimization helps to increase your chances of getting found by your potential customers.

Whatever online presence you may have is of no relevance if you are not making sales. Without SEO, you leave the market share for your competitors to happily grab it all. Hence, you cease to exist online.

Here are tips that will help you beat your competitors in the long run if you stick at it.

1. Draw traffic with relevant keywords. Choose keywords with low competition. Stick to using specific narrowed down long-tail keywords as this will help you rank higher rather than using generic keywords.

2. Focus more on content creation than on curation. Create unique relevant content that’s helpful to your customers. Content shouldn’t always be about promoting your brand. Creating content that your prospects find helpful, builds trust and establish you as an authority leading to more traffic which helps you rank higher

3. Repurpose your content by creating snippets of it and sharing on twitter, group related content and offer it as a white paper/ebook, share on SlideShare, summarize or post a juicy part of your content on social platforms and include ‘read more’ links redirecting to your website.

4. Don’t forget to put your main keyword in your page’s title tag.

5. Ensure your pages load fast. Use tools like Google’s pagespeed insights to learn how to improve your site speed. You can also install caching plugins if you use WordPress.

6. Optimize your pages for mobile. Setup google’s AMP-Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website to make it mobile friendly.

7. Install SEO Plugins to help with common on-page SEO factors. An example of this is the Yoast plugin for WordPress.

8. Spy on your competitors. Find out which keywords your competitors are ranking for and use them as long as they are relevant to you too. You can use or to do this.

9. Avoid having too many ads above the fold of your content, if you do have ads, ensure they are unobtrusive. After all, your website visitor came specifically to your page to read the content you’re offering and not the ad.

10. Claim your physical address on google maps; it helps.

11. List your business on relevant online directories. Sign up on and Google my business.

12. Sign up on Google plus and post regularly. This helps with organic search ranking.

13. Add social sharing buttons to your website for easy sharing of your content.

14. Set up google analytics for your website. This will give you insight into your visitors behaviour as well as which traffic sources they are coming from.

15. Link to relevant contacts and get them to link to back to you. Do not go about spamming comment sections with links.


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