New year. New changes. Some newer and more effective ways of connecting with your customers.

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Whether you’re a subscribed business professional with an active account on Vconnect, or simply a business professional looking for customers, we have some good things to share with you this new year.

We collected feedback from several service seekers (potential customers for you) and business professionals in 2018, and realized that we need to fill some gaps to make the connection between you more robust. On the same lines, we have made a range of impactful improvements which will improve both quality and quantity of connections for you on our platform in the coming days.Every business on our platform is entitled to leads, provided the profile is complete and there’s sufficient funds in the wallet. From now on, you will definitely receive leads in your active service(s)

1. Improved Lead sharing and notifications:

  • Every business on our platform is entitled to leads, provided the profile is complete and there’s sufficient funds in the wallet. From now on, you will definitely receive leads in your active service(s)
  • But, you need to stay on top of your game to claim these hot leads. If you do not accept the leads and do not contact it within an hour or so, you are too late and the customer is gone
  • Notifications to your email and phones will be more organized now.  We will send consolidated notifications every hour to your inbox and only if a new customer is waiting for you. Download our new Webapp if you like instant notifications
  • We encourage both user and you to have the first interaction on our platform. Read the user’s requirement details and view his/her contact details on the platform. Henceforth, we will stop sharing contact details in SMS or email
  • If you are an Expert (we will tell you in a separate communication about this), you will have the first right to enquiries on Vconnect

2. Faster connections with higher purchase intent customers:

We are going to encourage your potential customers to call or chat with you rather than them waiting for your response. This will ensure that users can connect instantly while you only pay for users with high degree of purchase intent. In other words, we will only count it as a lead consumed by you (and hence charge your account) when any of the following conditions happen:

  • When a customer likes your profile and other details and chooses to call you or chat with you after posting the enquiry
  • If you decide to view customers’ phone number, after accepting the enquiry
    After you have shown interest towards a lead
  • Customer likes your profile and other details and chooses to view your introduction message by coming back to the platform

3. Mutual Commitments (Applicable only for businesses on Pay as you go package)

To discourage unqualified or non-serious business professionals from staying on our platform, and to ensure that the users get connected with only the best and committed businesses like you, we have introduced the concept of “membership”

  • Every business which wishes to get connected with prospective customers by getting leads from us has to commit to consuming leads worth at least N6,000 per month
  • Our commitment to you: we will send you leads worth at least double the membership fee (at least N12,000). If we did not, we will not charge any commitment fee.
  • However, if we share leads with you and you don’t consume leads worth 6,000 Naira, you’ll be charged the balance amount at the end of your billing cycle (6,000 – the amount you have spent).

4. And our new Web-App:

To make it easy for our customers to manage the leads, we have launched an android based webapp which is superlight (less than 0.5Mb) and lightning fast.

If you prefer instant notifications, our new webapp is available for download on for Android users to grab all the leads asap. Try new solutions in the app such as:

  • “Search” and “Filter” on the Leads page
  • Chat with customers as smoothly as you do on Whatsapp
  • See some analytics
  • Get tips and latest happenings in your industry

Not an android user? No worries, Open on your laptop/ desktop /iphone and enjoy the same benefits by subscribing to notifications.

Don’t forget to contact our customer care or your account manager directly to know more about the above solutions. Stay connected with Vconnect, as always, and may your business continue to prosper!


Usman is a content developer and screenwriter. Bizarrely, he has never been seen in the same room with Batman, leading many to believe he is indeed the Dark Knight. He refuses to comment on these claims.

  1. The implementation of most of this changes will not be easy in the sense that if somebody is in Portharcourt Rivers State and constantly receive leads from Lagos will not want to consume the leads because it is outside his area of preference. If at the end of the period stated he is been charged it becomes exploitation because he didn’t transact any business with any customer through your platform. Every business requires paying customers to succeed and not consumption of leads alone.

      1. We have location filters, our team will help you understand it and how you would not be charged for any lead set outside of your service preference

  2. Do you mean once my wallet is funded with 15k, , can i get as many leads of 50 clients per week or more? Is this also the same as the monthly advert (nationwide)?

  3. Good day, concerning failure to meet up with monthly leads consumption worth, what it it happens that the business owner had to settle up with some challenges and because of that had to pause or couldn’t meet up with d monthly requirement, what will be done? And I think it should b business who ignores leads and still couldn’t meet up with requirement should b charge.

  4. I just made a payment and at the end of it what I payed for i could not see what I payed for. thank God it was not 20k that I payed. do u understand how important business is to people.

  5. Please am having issue with this new app, am loosing customers because I doesn’t receive notification. What should I do?

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