Why you need home and baby surveillance

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You’ve got a nice home, with nice things and you would like to go about your business everyday knowing that your home is safe and secure without you having to constantly watch out for it nearby.

Installing a CCTV surveillance system to watch your home is the way to give you the peace of mind you need while you are away, as it grants you the ability to watch over your home without having to be there.

Also, having a baby can be demanding, no doubt, and it becomes even more demanding when you have to work and give the care of your baby to a nanny.  Sometimes maybe you’re even home with the baby, but you want to be able to get those little minutes of ‘you’ time without having to fret over the baby every second. A baby surveillance system gives you that ease to always check up on the baby without having to always go into the room.

Still wondering if baby and home surveillance is something you need? Well, here are a couple of benefits to show you why a surveillance system is important for you.

You can monitor your home and baby anytime, from anywhere

You have heard or seen those horror stories of Nannies maltreating babies in their care. That is scary for anyone who wants to leave their little one in the care of strangers. However, with a CCTV surveillance system installed in your home, you have the ability to monitor what goes on around your home anytime and anywhere.

Several surveillance systems have the ability to provide you with a remote feed, so you can watch what is going on in the comfort of your office with your smartphone. This is also a great way to check up on the nanny that you hired to take care of your baby. With a surveillance system, you can check if your baby is being taken care of properly or if there are lapses in the nanny’s care.

What’s more, if you’re at home and need a rest, a camera in your baby’s room can help you watch your baby while you put your feet up in the living room. No need to constantly go and check on the baby when you have a live video feed reaching you as you lay on the couch.

They are quite easy to use

Knowledge in rocket science is not a prerequisite if you’re planning on having a surveillance system installed in your home. While it’s definitely important to go with the kind of tech that works best for you and your lifestyle, surveillance systems have gotten into that phase where they’re more like ‘plug and play’ devices.

Once the initial setup has been completed, all you have to worry about is accessing the video feed with your computer or smartphone with the software provided. Most times, it’s as simple as an app (for your smartphone) or a program (for your computer).

You get that extra layer of security

With a baby in the house, you want to make sure that things are safe and secure enough to give you and your family the ease of mind you need to function in your daily activities. So with that in mind, you get to install a few security measures to provide that safety, such as house alarms for when an unwanted person tries to break into the house.

An alarm is fine, but what if you could determine for sure where the intruder is trying to break in through? CCTV surveillance gives you that added layer of security for your home. So, not only does the alarm blare out when there is an intruder in the premises, you also get a video feed of where the intruder is. Always helps to have visual aid when trying to stay safe.

Accountability for your house staff

Perhaps the nanny isn’t the only staff you have employed in the house. Perhaps you have other staff as well, and you would like to make them accountable for their actions. A home surveillance can provide you with the video evidence you need to know just what goes on when you aren’t around.

Considering you pay them for the services the render, it’s only fair that you want to be sure they are doing just what you paid them to do. When there is video evidence in the mix, there is room for little to no dispute over what was or what wasn’t done around the house.

They can help contact the authorities

The goal of any security system is to be able to make sure your home is safe, secure and free from break-ins. But what happens when a break-in does occur? Or there is any particular need to get the authorities involved? Because a surveillance system allows you the benefit of remotely watching over your home, chances are that something could happen without you being aware of it as it happens.

This is why some surveillance systems have the ability to contact the authorities on your behalf, should there be the need to do so. Your surveillance system can be set up by a company with its own security outfit that will answer the call made by your system and check out your home if ever the need arises.

They can help you save money in the long run

Agreed, setting up a home surveillance system could cost you a bit. However, the main benefit of actually doing so is getting the insurance premium on your house reduced. As insurance companies put it, ‘anything that can reduce the risk of damage being done to your home’ makes it a safer place. With surveillance, you get to make your place safer, and any act of damage on your home caught by the CCTV system can impact your insurance rate.

It might not be for everyone, but having a home and baby surveillance system can definitely help ease some of the worries of home and baby safety off your mind as you concentrate on other task for the day, like going to work or making sure the house is stocked up with all the necessary items.

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