Less is more: 7 Clever Ways to Make Space in your Home

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We all love to come back to a place we can call home. After a hard days work, home is the comfort zone that helps us be us. In the climate that prevails today in Nigeria, finding ample space for a home is a challenge. With a population bigger than that of Russia, Nigeria faces challenges to provide enough space for its inhabitants. The property in Lagos is counted as one of the most expensive in the world. There are not enough affordable quality infrastructure and buying property is always a stress. What if we told you there are ways to make more space in your house?

Small little tweaks can lead to solutions for space crunch. Whether it is a small apartment or a stand-alone house, these ideas would work anywhere. Simultaneously, you can also use these tips to make more space in your office.

Here are 7 clever ways to make more space in your home:

1. Ottomans- Found in a number of colors and fabrics, ottoman chairs not only make for stylish furniture but are also adaptable. You can use it for a couch, a footrest and even a table. Some ottomans come with space as well and can hold a lot of storage space. Most of the space in a house is taken up by storing things. Use the space in an ottoman or a bed with a box in it to store as much as you can. You can also use inventive ways of storing your things to make more space for storage.

2. Convertibles- A sofa cum bed is an excellent example of a convertible because it serves as a sofa with a storage. These days a number of carpenters use creative ways to make convertible furniture to free up more space in a home. For example, a hollow table and help you store the sitting pieces around it, a sectional sofa is also a way to save space. Merely typing the words ‘convertible furniture’ on a search engine can get you results that can be very pleasing to not just your mind but also the aesthetics of your house. Hire a professional carpenter from VConnect to get some help and sound advice.

3. Go aerial- You do not have to place everything in your house horizontal. You can use the vertical spaces to store more. For example, a staircase can be designed in a way that the spaces in between serve as a bookshelf. Instead of having a dedicated showcase to store trinkets, just use creative shelves and hangings that can place the trinkets all over the room. This saves space and also helps you show off your collection in an uncluttered way.

4. Built-in shelves- Built-in shelves are a characteristic of older homes. Bringing in the traditional elements in newer homes give the house an antique and storied feel. One finds built-in shelves rarely in a house. However, it is good to note the benefits of having a built-in shelf in a small home which always has a space crunch. In case your house does not have built-in shelves, you do not have to go in for the crazy amount of woodwork to get one. A lot of DIY techniques can help you get there. There are bookcases available in the market that can be pieced together to make one. A few tucks here and there can be done easily with the help of a carpenter.

5. No swing doors- Swing doors take a lot of space. Considering every room has one, image the space you can save if you have built-in sliding doors. Maximize space by getting sliding doors at least in the rooms (and bathrooms) of the house.

6. Cladding walls- Mirrors have the tendency to make a small space appear bigger. You can install full-length mirrors with the wall, instead of placing on cupboards or other spaces. Putting a mirror by the lengths of the wall not only helps you get the perfect reflection when you need one but also makes your small home appear much bigger. We do recommend cladding your walls in the living room instead of the bedroom.

7. Bathroom space- The room you start and you end your day with probably has the worst storage. Most people like a nice and spacious bathroom. Assess who you share the bathroom with and accordingly make changes. For example, if kids use the bathroom too, you can create a storage space below the sink. All beauty and electrical equipment can be placed behind the door. You can also have a hanging laundry basket behind the door. Various organizers are easily available in the market and can make a world of difference to the storage in your bathroom. Shoe organizer, combs, brushes, jewelry, makeup etc. can all be stored in attractive looking organizers.

Getting professional help from a trusted interior designer can also make a world of difference in your home. Most of the suggestions made in this blog are DIY. However, a professional interior decorator from VConnect can help you with much more!

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