The kind of advertising customers REALLY want from you

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The customer is king. Which is why businesses big or small, spend a lot on getting the customer’s attention. The internet is the frontier for advertising, whether you are actually spending the big bucks or using free VConnect online promotion tools, your goal is not just for customers to see you, but to ultimately patronise your business.

So, as a smart businessman, you would naturally what to know what kind of advertising is most effective at the moment so you can tailor your campaign to suit these modern trends.

Worry no more, the good people at Fast Company looked into the kind of content on the internet customers find most compelling, and we have the answers for you.

What sticks?

While more traditional advertising relies on repeating one main idea about your brand till consumers associate you with that idea, advertising on the internet requires you have multiple personalities.

What kinds of personalities should you have?

You have to do four things at the same time. You have to create content that is funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring.

This might sound intimidating, but it can be done. What you need to do is ask yourself a series of questions, namely;

What kinds of things do my audience find funny, useful, beautiful, and inspiring?”

Where does my audience go for those kinds of content?”

How does my brand produce content that will mesh with more of my audience’s emotional needs?”

How can Nigerian small businesses do this?

Funny: Don’t be afraid to show a lighter side of your business, endlessly repost memes can be off-putting, but share lighthearted banter with customers and other brands too post pictures of shenanigans you get up to at your office too.

Useful: share educational information that customers would not get anywhere else. If you are run a laundry service let your customers know the ideal temperature for ironing different fabrics.

Beautiful: take good pictures. Invest in a good smartphone or camera if need be. Take pictures of your products or you rendering a service.

Inspiring: let people know about your struggles and aspirations, let your customers feel like they are a part of the journey too

Creating content for the internet that has all these elements will help you create a loyal following for your brand.

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