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VConnect has been in the Nigerian tech/business scene for a little over six years now. In this time, it has gone from trawling the streets of Lagos getting addresses of businesses to becoming the number 1 platform for business discovery and engagement.

Interestingly, I still get asked “what does VConnect do?”. For users, VConnect makes it easy for you to find services, I mean very easy.

I recently tried to get an apartment at Ago Palace way, the apartment is quite bare, so I knew I’ll be needing a lot of carpentry work ( I like good looking shelves), and since I wasn’t interested in lugging heavy furniture from Surulere to Ago Palace I knew I had to get a carpenter at Ago Palace. So off to I went to find nearby carpenters, and I did find one just a street away.

That is an example of how VConnect works for me as a user, but what of how it works for business owners? For the carpenter I contacted, he has just gotten a customer that would have otherwise not known he was there ( the street is after mine, and I haven’t explored that far yet)

What’s new

Here at VConnect, we are taking it even a step further when finding services making finding services even much easier, so when you log on to now you see some tiles representing different services that you can click on to fill in the what you need and get a price for the service directly from the business, just like in the image below.

Clicking on any of these tiles leads you to a page where you provide some details of what exactly you are looking for. This form helps prevent unnecessary back and forth with whatever business you want to contact. This way, the carpenter, for example, knows you want 2 shelves and one TV stand made, so he can send a price estimate to you.

VConnect even takes it a step further by giving information you have filled to five similar businesses, this way you can compare the prices quotes and settle on the best deal for you.

How it works exactly

We even made a short video that explains how this works for you as a user.

For businesses, this is extra value for being on the platform, you get prospective customers directed to you, increasing your chances of making more sales.

So, if you are still wondering what VConnect does, here is what it is; we are making it much easier for users to find the best services for them and helping businesses make the most of being on the platform.

Looking for a service provider? Head on to and see how much easier it is to get what you are looking for.




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