How to use Vconnect to find addresses of local businesses in Nigeria / Ghana

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Here at VConnect, we refer to ourselves as the number 1 business discovery website, and this is not just empty boasting.

VConnect has over 2 million businesses listed, this means you can find just about any business, product or service you are looking for easily.

This ease of finding a local business on VConnect also means you can readily find the address of a business you are looking for, whether you are in Nigeria or Ghana.

Here is how to go about finding addresses of local businesses in Nigeria or Ghana:

The Search Bar

The search bar on the welcome page of the helps visitors easily find queries. Below the search bar are a number of popular locations that you can limit your search location to.

These locations are Lagos, Rivers and Greater Accra, click on any of these locations to create a tailored search.


Searching for a business with the search bar and clicking on the business you are interested in, will show you a page that gives you details about the page, these details include address, phone number and website (if available)

A search for hotels in Accra for example, would yield a search results page like the one below.


Google Maps

There is also a google map embedded to help you easily locate the address you are looking for.


Alternatively, you can also use the ‘get directions’ button to insert your present location and the address of where you want to go, this gives you directions to the business address you seek.


VConnect wants you to find businesses easily, all these easy-to-use features can be accessed on the go via the  VConnect app using a mobile device. Download from the app store and get started.


VConnect ‘connects’ (see what we did there?) you with more than 2 million ready-to-buy visitors. Choose an business solution that’s perfect for you. Start at 


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