How to stay productive during Ramadan

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Even with only a cursory knowledge of Islam, you are most likely aware that the month of Ramadan is one of the most important times for Muslims, requiring Muslim faithful to abstain from food and drink from sunrise till sundown.

The fast can be a challenge for people participating in Ramadan, but they soldier on for the period of the fast which is around 30 days.

For someone like me who has to have their morning coffee and biscuits just to function properly, the idea of not eating in the mornings for about 30 days seems like a very difficult task.

I asked some Muslims in the office how they manage to stay productive during this time


Yunus, the video guy

I spoke with Yunus first, and in his typical fashion, he was very modest about how he stays productive during Ramadan ( I guess that’s the point).

For Yunus, he justs copes regardless of whether he is hungry or thirsty.

I asked whether he gets tempted by non-Muslims eating while he is fasting, like a sage, he replied; “No one gets tempted, if you break your fast, you were just looking for an excuse”

So what app does he find himself using often this period? He says Muslimpro is great for notifications about prayer times, it also has a Quran that you can read or have recite to you and short Duas too.

Abd’kareem, the social media guy

Abd’kareem’s major adjustment to help him stay productive during Ramadan has been his sleeping time. “I go to sleep much earlier during Ramadan, say like 10pm so I can wake up by 4am, pray and still get some sleep between 6am to 7am. It is a good thing Muslims at VConnect get to close by 4pm during Ramadan so I can beat the traffic when I’m going home”.

How does he get all his work done by 4pm? “I am a morning person, so I get most of my work done by noon, afterward most of what I am doing is scheduling for the next day

What is his go-to app for Ramadan? Muslimcentral. It curates Islamic lectures from various scholars, great content during the commute to and from work.


Speaking of apps, I found a list of seven apps to help you during Ramadan. Just so you know, HR refused my request to leave work by 4pm too. I don’t know why, maybe because they saw me drinking coffee at 10am despite my claims of fasting. These people are unfair I tell you.

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