How to Prepare Your Home for Fumigation

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We imagine that the new year will do away with everything that is not good in our lives or in this case, homes. This includes pests and insects. They are not the first thing you would want to set your eyes on.

Pests not only prove to be a deterrent to your health, but are a sign of unkempt homes. To get rid of pests, you will be needing a fumigation expert who will make use of the right kind of equipment and chemicals to get rid of these insects and pests that can affect your health and that of your family.

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Whilst it is important to immediately enlist the services of a fumigation professional, there are a few things you need to check off the list to get you and your family prepared for the fumigation expert’s arrival. Here are some ways to prepare your home before you book professional fumigation services from Vconnect:

Alternative lodging arrangements

Often the level of infestation can only be determined accurately when a professional visits your home. Pests and insects come out after dark and you may spot some signs initially. A larger infestation would make you see them running into the corners of the house. Home based remedies or store bought pesticides may not really work and eventually, it comes down to hiring a professional. Have an alternate lodging or a place to stay till the time your house is getting fumigated. It is advisable to not be in the house at the time of the fumigation.

Keep your home ventilated within

We do not mean open the windows, we mean maintain easy access between the rooms in the house by keeping the doors open. Easy access allows the professionals to do their job right. Also, the chemicals sprayed in one room has the tendency to disperse into other spaces. By leaving the doors open, the dispersing of chemicals is even.

Seal consumable items

This is a no brainer! Seal all consumable items in ziplock bags and airtight containers. Dump the food that cannot be stored. Leaving food jars and food items open during fumigation is dangeroys and can make the food extremely poisonous.

Give access to the fumigator

The fumigator should be given access to your home. We understand the safety issues associated with this point, but if you hire a verified and trusted professional, such as those on Vconnect, it becomes easy. However, to be extra safe, it is advised that you hide, lock up or take with you all valuables and expensive items.

Keep away

Please make sure that you and your family members are away from your home at the time of the fumigation process. Keeping away also prevents inhalation of the chemicals used in killing the pests and the insects. Consult with the fumigation professional as to when it will be safe to move back into your home. Also, ask questions about what you should do post-fumigation and follow the instructions given.

Get your fumigation done as soon as you spot an insect or a pest, rather than delaying it. Putting it off indefinitely only makes the problem worse. The best case scenario is to have the process conducted in your house regularly, preferably annually.

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