How to Plan the Best Budget Party this Holiday Season

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This holiday season it might be a good idea to work on a party idea backward. That is, the starting point for you should be the budget and then trickle down to things that are important to the party. A budget party doesn’t necessarily have to be a compromised situation. We all love to attend a good party and hosting one is no exception. To make the party the talk of the neighborhood or circle of friends doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Here are some cool ways to plan the best budget party this holiday season:

Budget making


Like we said, let the starting point be the budget. Make a budget that you can stick with. If you see yourself going over budget, just cut a few categories. For instance, instead of ordering the food in, you can cook the food. Get some healthy and filling appetizers and the main course that works for all (like rice and gravy). Another way to go about it is to go for a hot cocoa bar with marshmallow, instead of alcohol. Before you start spending, make a list of things you need and cross of things as you buy them.

Guest List

Limit the guest list. You do not have to throw an over the top black tie party with hundreds of guests. Just throw multiple parties in small batches if you have too many people to call. That serves as a cheaper option than inviting everyone together. Also, your guests will be more comfortable in smaller groups and intimate circle of friends instead of meeting strangers at your party.

Gifting ideas

Instead of buying everyone a present, play Yankee swap or Christmas gift games. It is not just fun, but also extremely economical. Keep a limit with regard to the cost of the gift so nobody goes overboard and buys an expensive present.


You do not have to buy everything. Things that you will not be used later can be borrowed from family or friends. Another great idea is to go to a budget/thrift store to buy the same instead of spending a fortune on things from high-end shops.


Accent just the key places instead of decking the whole house. Make sure to decorate places that are more visible. Use Christmasy fragrance that helps add the extra zing to the decor. Focus on high impact and high traffic areas. The entrance, the living room, and the dining area.

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Shop wisely

Chips is chips, sugar is sugar, are you getting the drift? Buy economical things instead of spending on gourmet foods. Once ingredients are added to your dish no one really concentrates on the quality of the ingredients.

Go Digital

Instead of fancy paper invites and Christmas greetings, go digital. Design (or have an invite designed) and share it through digital mediums like Whatsapp or a Facebook group.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. You can always communicate the budget and the ideas you have to a party planner and one will plan a party that ticks all boxes. Get a professional party planner from Vconnect!




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