10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Workspace Creative

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Monday morning blues are a real thing. After a weekend at home, the thought of going back to work is not quite enticing. However, getting back to work (or getting to work every day) doesn’t have to be drab. Putting in 8-9 hours a day at a place daily is not difficult if you love what you do. Even so, you would need a break or lighten up the pressure to enjoy your day.

Here are some creative and simple ways of making your workspace creative!

1.Pictures of family

Pin your family pictures or pictures of your travels and friends at your desk. You can use pins of various colors to make it more interesting or add small notes from your loved ones as well on the desk. The pictures and notes are a sure fire way to put a smile on your face at the end of any tiring day.

2. Desk organizer

Having an organized workspace keeps the clutter out of your mind as well. It is important to stay organized to stay on top of things. There are plenty of beautiful desk organizers available on the market. You can also try to source one from your travels which will give you an opportunity to get desk organizers in novel prints and ethnic crafts. Leather desk organizers add sophistication and look slick in a workspace.

3.Desk plants

Getting desk plants that also add medicinally or have a health value are a great way to decorate your desk. Wanting to water and maintain your plants will be a priority that will bring you to work on a day you find it difficult to pull yourself out of the bed. Bamboo shoots are easy to maintain and would need a change of water every 3-4 days. They are also supposed to bring good luck. If you are a plant enthusiast, there are more options to go with.

4. Keep it clean

One of the most important ways to keep your workspace interesting is to keep it clean. With food, plants and all the above ideas thrown in, it is sure to leave some crumbs of dirt which can attract unwanted pests and odor. Keep a freshener to have the workspace smelling good and also get VConnect professionals to clean your workspace. A simple click of a button is all it takes to have a clean office!

5. Book Club

Start your very own book club! You can get the human resources department involved and start small. Have a designated space for the book rack or simply keep a track of the books by employing a responsible person to keep track. The duties can be divided and involve everyone who is a voracious reader!

6. Add a little color

Extra color is equal to extra energy. The energy colors give to the entire workspace is uplifting and encouraging. Incorporate the colors that inspire you into your workspace through streamers, colored paper, pinups, message boards etc.

7. Light music

Music is a major mood moderator. Kindly ensure that the music that inspires you doesn’t disturb others. Use a headphone when you can instead of having the music blare for everyone to listen.

8. Be comfortable

Get a comfortable chair in your workspace. If the chair is a challenge you can use personal cushions to create the perfect balance. Also regularly do work exercises that keep you active and ensure that you do not suffer from back problems. Keep moving your feet and lightly do neck exercises to stay active. Standing and working for a while is also a good idea to stay fit and active at work.

9. Munchings

Food is one of the easiest ways to feel better. Certain foods like confectionaries, fruits etc. have specific mood managing nutrients that help in lighten up your mind. However, it is also easy to go overboard with the snacks and put on weight or develop healthy eating habits. Diet based food, fruits, steamed vegetables garnished with butter and pepper, popcorn, salads etc. are some of the snacks you can munch on. Food is also a great conversation starter and can help you develop better relationships with your colleagues.

10. Stress relievers

Stress reliever toys are easily available in the market. Squeeze balls are one of the most commonly used stress relievers. Using some DIY techniques you can even make your own stress reliever. Stress management is extremely vital in the stressful office environment. In this day and age, stress is also one of the most primary reasons for sickness and death. You can also keep game based toys like a Rubix cube or fidget toys that will be available online easily.

We hope the ideas give you goals to go back to work and try them. We also hope that Monday morning blues are driven out of your life by these creative ideas. Have a happy work day!


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