How to Choose Professional Cleaning Services

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Cleaning homes for a working couple in Nigeria is usually a weekend affair. With too many things lined up for the weekend, it can be a daunting task to get cleaning out of the way. Professional cleaning services are something that is fast becoming an option in many households, just to get things done faster and better. The cleaners use professional grade cleaning agents along with tools that help get the job done in a better way. Not to mention the time it saves you to do other important things. Weekends are supposed to spend with family and a time to relax, why spend it on cleaning?

Similarly, when it comes to office cleaning, you need professionals who will be coming at a convenient time so that it does not disrupt work. Apart from janitorial services, a regular cleaning of the office keeps the environment clean and suited for work. Cleaning for offices is not the same as that of a house, considering the area and the outlay. However, a professional cleaning service most likely has an experience of both.

How do you decide on the best professional cleaning service for your house or your office? Here are some points to remember:

1. Take your time

Take your time in deciding who to go with when it comes to availing professional cleaning services. Check out the experience of the professional depending on your requirement. If the expertise of the cleaning company lies in office cleaning and you need someone for house cleaning, they may not appeal to you as much as someone who has extensive experience in home cleaning. Prepare a set of questions to ask if that helps and seek them out before taking a call.

2. Responsiveness

How quickly and efficiently does the cleaning professional respond to you? Does their attitude change with the quantity of work? If yes, they are perhaps not the one to go with. You need a cleaning professional who will treat your work with equal importance to anyone else. The way they reply to your questions and respond to your queries speaks volumes of their professionalism.

3. Profile check

Vconnect offers you a platform that gives you the details of each and every professional. They are verified and their information is checked before they are listed on the platform. In addition to the details on their profile, you can also find their cleaning experience, rating, testimonials, reviews etc.

4. Reviews and testimonials

As mentioned, Vconnect lists the reviews and testimonials of cleaning professionals in Nigeria. A review or a suggestion of a friend helps immensely in taking a decision as it is coming from a trusted source. We have always emphasized on reviews on Vconnect and also urge our professionals to get genuine reviews up on their profile. If your neighbour or someone you know suggests a cleaning professional to you, chances are you will be availing the same service.

5. Get the details

Do not hesitate to ask many questions as you have. Get details on the experience of the professional and also the equipment and tools they use. Professional grade cleaning agents are helpful and ensure that the upholstery and furnishings in your office or home are safe.

6. Licenses and certificates

Additional licenses and certificates always help to add credibility to the cleaning professional. However, research the credibility of the listed certificate on the professional’s page or when they share the details of it with you.

7. Additional benefits 

What additional benefits will you be getting from professional once you hire their service? Will you be getting a discount on regular cleaning? Is the price discounted due to an offer going on? Can they provide you with additional services after you’ve booked their services multiple times? These are the kind of things that are always good to know.

Armed with all of this knowledge, you’ll definitely be able to make informed decisions when you visit the Vconnect site to hire a cleaning service. Happy cleaning to you!

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