How to Apply Foundation for Your Skin Tone Flawlessly

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Fabulous and flawless! That is what we strive to feel every day. It is not just that makeup hides our flaws and is needed for the same, it also accentuates our confidence and features. Good makeup is not about looking different or looking better. It is more about feeling yourself.

The perfect makeup starts with the basics-the base. The effects of each product you use afterward, appear right with a good base. For instance highlighter, blush and contouring look perfect with the use of a good base. A couple of tips to apply the foundation (and choosing it for your skin tone) finishes the makeup well (not to mention begins it well too!). One needs to spend the most time in picking a base and applying it right.

Tips On How To Apply Foundation

Picking the foundation

There are four types of foundations available in the market and depending on your skin type (oily, dry or a mix) you can decide which to go with. Liquid foundation, powder foundation, cream stick foundation, and cushion foundation. Stick with matte formulas if your skin is oily. It prevents your skin from looking slick. The dark skin type tends to have enlarged pores when the skin is oily, which can lead to extra oil production. If your skin is dry, exfoliate your skin before you apply a foundation and do not use matte foundations. It will just make your skin look drier. For combination skins, whether it is a stick cream or powder, find your formula first and the color can follow. A formula like Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick — works well for combination skin. It has a variety of colors that are dark skin friendly.

Prep the skin

Cleanse and tone your skin to remove every bit of makeup traces from it. It also helps to reflect the foundation well if your skin is smooth and clean. Using an alcohol-free toner is better. If your skin is dry, you should exfoliate your skin using a quality scrub that suits you. Apply a face primer to smoothen the process of foundation application. Use a cotton swab or pad to do the same. For oily skin, it is a better idea because a primer acts as a barrier between the foundation and the skin. It helps in avoiding your pores to get clogged.

Application of foundation

Let us move to the real deal now. We will explain how to apply each type of foundation starting with the liquid foundation.

Liquid foundation

  1. Apply the foundation in the format of a dot all over the face. You can pump the foundation on your fingers and apply the same all over the face. Your fingers also warm the foundation a little and help it spread better
  2. Spread it evenly with a foundation brush. Start at the center and slowly move outwards
  3. Add the finishing touch by setting it with a powder. The oil from your face can break the foundation in a couple of hours and make it appear cakey (particularly oily skin women). Set the foundation using a translucent powder

Powder foundation

  1. The easiest to use, it also gives you the least coverage. Mineral powder foundation is a good choice for oily skin. Use the applicator in the box to begin slowly at the center.
  2. Move outwards for more coverage and blend it with the applicator
  3. Keep blending slowly otherwise the foundation can appear to look cakey.

Cushion Foundation

  1. Though it is of cream based consistency, it can be applied in the same way as the powder foundation.
  2. Tap it all over your face
  3. Build it up to areas you need more coverage
  4. They have a dewy finish and are good for all skin types, especially for combination skin

Cream stick foundation

  1. Most suitable for dry skin, run the stick all over the face in long strokes
  2. Use a buffing brush to blend it into the skin
  3. Blend it in the direction of the growth of the facial hair to make it look natural
  4. Set it with a powder

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