How Much Should You Really Spend on a Website?

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Time and again, we have stated the importance of a digital footprint for a company. A website is a definite point to start to develop a digital imprint. A website is one company resource that works 24*7 and 365 days a year. It is like a constant bridge between your customer and your business that help build a significant impression of your brand on the mind of your customer.

Despite this known fact, the first thing that pops in our mind before building a website is ‘do we need to incur this cost?’. What we forget is that in the relative scheme of things to build branding collaterals, a website is perhaps the most economical of the choices. To actually determine the cost of building a website, let us have a look at five factors involved in hiring a web and graphic designer for designing a website:


Map out the features you would want on your website. Additional or special features that you would want would definitely entail a higher cost. Sometimes your website may be a single page but it doesn’t mean it will be cheaper than a 10-page website or even a 50-page website. A designer will be able to give you the cost estimate as per the feature you need, we suggest you ask them to break it down for every feature.

Skill and Experience

Your designer’s skill and experience matter in bringing the cost down (or up) of designing your website. Now you can’t expect someone who designs the website of Apple will charge you the same money as someone who has designed the website of a small business. Check the profile on the Vconnect website for the experience and skills of the designer to take an informed decision.

Size of business

Whether your business is small, medium-sized or large, the cost varies with the information and the features you would want for your business. A small website is basic containing information about the company and products, discounts, contact/feedback information etc. These websites basically include business card websites, product websites, portfolio website in 7-10 pages.  A medium sized business can have up to 30 pages. The website is given a CMS and is often updated regularly. Large businesses have an exceptional website that has a quick load time despite several 100 pages and features in it.

Purpose of the website

The purpose of the website also helps you decide the investments in SEO apart from the designing process of the website. In a simple informational website that informs the potential customer about your company, the website is cheaper. In websites that need special features like payment gateway integration, google map integration, form filling etc. the cost will be higher. Make a list of the things you need as per your purpose and discuss with your designer.

E-commerce integration

The website needs advanced features regardless of the website store size. Integration of a safe payment gateway is extremely vital along with proper encryption on the website. You also need a quick load time. The more products and services you have, the more effort it goes into uploading and maintaining the website.

We hope these pointers help you in determining the cost of your dream website. Rest assured the website designers registered on Vconnect will share the prices and information that help you take the decision.



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