How Much You Should Pay For A Professional Photographer In Lagos

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Photographers in Lagos are a big deal these days, they are in profession that is in high demand for different reasons. As much as there are lots of photographers out there, it’s always best to choose a professional who has a record of delivering satisfactory results; pictures that would make you thankful for life.

A lot of the times, we want to get really good photographers to work with, but the price just scares you off. It’s totally accepted that good things come with good prices, but instead of that; we would rather go with “reasonable” prices.

Honestly, the question of how much you should pay for a professional photographer is dependent on a number of things, no two photographers are the same and that means, their prices are totally different.

For professional photographers, each one has his own unique touch that speaks for his work; some of them only do special services, like weddings and probably product photography only. Before going out to look for a good photographer to work with, you must be sure of exactly what you have in mind and the kind of looks you are looking to create with a camera.

Here’s what to look out for before deciding how much you can possibly pay a professional photographer, and especially; in Lagos.

 What do you want to shoot?


There are so many professional photographers out there that know their onions well, some of them don’t necessarily do every type of Photography, so if it’s a wedding you want to be covered; you know better to speak to a wedding photographer.

On an average, Wedding photographers charge from N150,000 – N1,000,000  or even more. Since you’ve come out to search for a professional photographer, you shouldn’t be expecting anything less than N150,000 at the least.

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Photographer’s track record


Once a photographer has grown to a known level and a lot of people are always in a hurry to use them; their price would definitely be on the high side. People like TY Bello, Jide Odukoya, Bunmi Adedipe and the rest, are well-known photographers that shoot for big brands and personalities; if you are looking to get the same professionalism; you already know they do their jobs well and charge same.

For charges, Bunmi Adedipe charges from N300,000 to N750,000 for different packages of Wedding Photography, Portraits start at N80,000. Wani Olatunde; also a good one, charges from N500,000 for Wedding coverage. You asked for professionals!

What tools is he/she using?


The camera, lighting, location, extra help, and experience of a photographer are factors that affect the price charged for the service. If everything he uses is highly professional and top class, all that is going into his price.

How many looks and duration?


Time is money. If you are taking a photographer’s whole day; you are going to be paying for a whole day. The number of looks you have in mind, or maybe as suggested by the Photographer, also plays a role in how much you will be paying. Every ounce of creativity a photographer puts into your work is wrapped together in the invoice.

Edited work?


Not all photographers edit, most of the times; they give their work to photo editors to edit properly and they have to pay. So if you want to go out to your way and get your pictures edited; that would mean some extra cost for that. These things are usually summed together in a total cost, but in case you need a photographer to break things down for you and explain why they cost so much, they have them all lined up for your understanding.

Styling and MakeUp?


Fashion photographers and Portrait photographers typically want their clients looking their best so their job would be easy. Makeup and styling, even hair; are things photographers fuse together to deliver the look that would make you love yourself.

Sometimes; you can come with your own Makeup Artist and stylist (maybe even do it yourself) but most times, they work with other professionals to transform your look and that costs them money, money you’ll have to pay.

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You can get professional photographers for the price you want to pay. How? Just tell us at Vconnect what your requirements are and we will connect you with Photographers willing to work for that price.

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  1. I need a photographer/video man to cover my traditional marriage in Anambra state okija, will be very happy n appreciate it if am connected to someone affordable n good, thanks.

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