Everything You Need to Know About Booking a Hotel

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Booking a hotel online is perhaps the most important thing to sort before you travel. Whether it is traveling for business or leisure, you would need the perfect place to unwind. Apart from the usual things like how reputed the hotel is, how clean it is, its availability on your travel dates and yes the price, there are many factors to consider before you book a hotel.  Hotel booking and reservation online  nowadays is  easy ,because there so many budget and five star hotels available with best deals and offers. At the click of a button, you will find a plethora of options that you can go through and book a hotel at the best price. 

So this list will help you to skim through the many choices and pick the right one. Here is everything you need to look at before booking a hotel:


Where your hotel is located matters a lot especially if you are on a business trip and looking for a central location to go to your meetings promptly. Is it close to the airport and other means of transport? Is it close to places of interest? Centrally located? These are some of the questions you should seek to answer. Google maps give you the option to check the distances between the place you are at and the places you intend to visit. That should give you a fair idea on how conveniently located the chosen hotel is and make a decision.


The rating of a hotel is determined by the category it belongs to. From a one star to a five, hotels are rated by international agencies to help you gauge the quality of service they offer. Even if the hotel is not rated owing to it being small scale or a BnB or a lodge, you can find out the rating through online rating websites.


What kind of rooms and the number of rooms the hotel offers. There are many categories of room at different price points. Find out the details of the same and compare the price points before you settle for the room of your choice.


The cost of the hotel determines the major part of your trip. Make note of the check in and check out time while checking the cost per room per day. The cost also varies with the number of people occupying the room. Also, consider the hotel’s policy on the cost of renting a room for you if you are traveling with a child. Most hotels do not charge for a child of a certain age.


The services the hotel offers are also listed on booking sites before you book a room. Services like room service, wi-fi, hot/cold water, TV, entertainment, in-room heating/cooling and additional services like spa, pool, gym, concierge desk etc. help you make a better choice when it comes to booking a hotel room.


Perhaps the most important point while booking a hotel is whether you are going through a trustworthy agency or website. There are instances where pictures of the hotel or reviews are bogus to attract potential customers. Vconnect has a stringent process while registering agents and professionals on its platform. So when you look for a hotel from our platform, you only get trustworthy professionals who will not promise you the world for peanuts. With us, what you is what you get.


Hotels have in-house restaurants and catering that are talked about at forums and on websites. Word of mouth travels faster for places that serve food. Find out the in-house restaurants of your hotel and also if there is room service. You may be reaching the destination at an odd time to really look for restaurants or places to eat. It is good to have the option of in-house dining.

We hope the above points help you with your booking next time. Visit Vconnect  website to connect and book a hotel.  

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