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First, a short story…

Adeolu registered his laundry business on VConnect in April 2015, he figured since he didn’t have a lot of money to advertise, he could as well leverage having an online presence.

He was right, with a Vconnect profile he has been able to get enquiries from customers around his location and beyond.

However, lately he hasn’t been getting as many enquiries as he used to, the problem according to his VConnect customer relationship manager, was that he wasn’t getting as many enquiries and leads as he used to because he no longer as active as he used to be on VConnect.

Ah! So that’s where the problem was. He has been a little too busy lately to check his business profile on VConnect and that has dropped his profile popularity on VConnect.

Adeolu decides to quickly revive his profile, he responds to pending enquiries, updates his business number, adds new pictures and shares all this on his social media and he starts to get more enquiries.

Why you should keep your profile active on VConnect

Having your business on VConnect helps you reach more customers, saving you costs for advertising and promotion. However, if you are inactive on VConnect you might just be losing customers.

Keeping your profile active on VConnect could rank you high on VConnect’s popular business lists, these businesses are ranked by the number of visits and activity on the page.

So get active today, share your profile with your social media followers, encourage customers to leave you reviews and get more customers that way.

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