DIY Interior Decor Ideas for the Christmas Season

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Christmas comes with a lot of fanfare and new things. It is the biggest holiday in Nigeria and in proper Naija fashion, we love to celebrate it big. Little wonder, while growing up, neighbours were always cleaning or changing furniture to give their homes that extra pizzaz for Christmas. Ideally, you should hire the services of an interior designer to give you a home a perfect makeover. However, if you aren’t quite ready to hire a professional interior designer, I’ve put together a list of things you can do to spruce up your home and get it looking just right, for Christmas.  Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, these ideas are sure to work and give your house the makeover it deserves.

Get a statement furniture


Every room needs to have something striking that draws the eye. Statement pieces can take a room from looking drab to looking absolutely fabulous. A striking sofa is able to add some personality to your living room. Other statement pieces are bold wallpaper on a section of your living room wall, bold and creative artwork placed in a corner of the room or centrally.



An extra coat of paint goes a long way in making a wall appear brighter and fresher. You do not need to paint every part of the wall. Painting the wall in a section of the room with a bold, bright colour certainly gives an edge to your living room. Another way that repainting can be put to use is by repainting the legs of an old stool with a bright colour. Or painting the insides of a shelf with a striking colour. That is sure to turn heads and attract attention.

More pillows


Out with the drab throw pillows and in with the fun and colourful throw pillows. You can get one of the throw pillows to have a seasonal colour like red. It is sure to get your sofa and your living room in general, looking like a million bucks.

Decorate your tables


Adding a few touches to either your centre table or dining table makes a whole lot of difference in the outlook of the house. A stack of colourful magazines, candles, flowers or mirrored trays on your tables, give a little more personality to your home.

And don’t forget the lights!


I mean, would it even be Christmas if you didn’t deck the home with tiny Christmas lights? However, the way you put up the lights is what matters the most. You can pick a corner of the sitting room to drape the lights around an object or an artwork hanging on the wall. Or better still, drape your doorway and entrances in garlands and twinkling Christmas lights.

One or more of these ideas being tried out in your home will be sure to give your home a little more glow. If you are not too big into DIYs, Hire trusted interior designers on the Vconnect platform. They are sure to work with you according to your budget and design preferences.


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