Disastrous Makeup Trends That You Need to Let go of This Year

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2018 was a great year! We saw many trends make it to the fashion circuit, some classics that will always stay, but we also witnessed disastrous beauty trends that should not continue in the year 2019.

While beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder and you should really wear trends that you are comfortable with, there are some that you can steer clear of. Its always great experimenting and discovering what works for you and if any latest trend works just as well for you as it does for the trendsetter. But here’s the thing- trends also work in the desired setting. For instance, a simple example would be you can’t really have a party makeup on for say a job interview. It is also about fitting into the milieu whilst being yourself!

Here are some Disastrous makeup trends from 2018 that you need to let go of this year:

Spider brows

A trend that internet witnessed was applying baby powder to the eyebrows. The idea was to make them look thicker, instead what people mostly got was spider looking eyebrows. And they did not look good! Go for eyebrow powders easily available in the market. Brands also have varied colors depending on your hair color, which you can try. What’s more is that good brands are extremely affordable. It is better than even applying an eye pencil on your eyebrows which make them look chappy sometimes.

Too much concealer

Yes, your face skinnier and thinner is attractive to you but guess what too much contouring makes one look unnatural. Embrace your natural self instead. Your face shape is what also makes you look unique in the eyes of others and yourself.

Straw curlers


African’s are blessed with natural beautiful curly hair. With curly hair trending, this is a blessing for all the women in Africa as there is not much effort wasted in wanting to get curly hair. Those who do not have enough curly hair or curly hair at all, do not use straw curlers. It makes one’s hair extremely frizzy and does not even make the hair curly. All you get is weird looking hair that looks like a bad salon job!

Not so great manicures

Go easy on them. One can be extremely creative with manicures, but the unnaturally longish nails are not meant as a bigger canvas for the creative souls. Instead, they paint the picture of the grim reaper and a look that does not add up overall.

Lip Arts

Source: Youtube

With the royal wedding, people started to invest in lip art apart from nail arts this season. While they are beautiful pieces of artistry, they do not look great on any person as part of a day to day look.

Scary lashes

Long eyelashes have been a sign of beauty even in early ages. Several beauty products (especially fake lashes, mascara etc.) were created to highlight this feature and rightly so. But have you heard of the saying, too much of anything is harmful? So is long lashes that make you look unnatural.

We do encourage you to be comfortable with whatever you decide to follow. Just be careful of one thing-never use expired makeup products. Always replenish your products regularly so that they do not harm your skin. You can also take the help of Vconnect’s makeup professionals to give you beauty tips that are customized and work solely for you. All it takes is a click!


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