What to consider before setting up a website for your SME

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Here at VConnect we know how valuable it is for SMEs to be online, it is a crucial step for businesses to promote themselves and engage with more customers and other businesses.

One of the ways businesses can do this is by getting a business website. VConnect even offers a one-month free trial when you register your business and complete your profile up to 80%.

However, this post isn’t just about how to get a free website, rather it is about what to consider when creating a website for your business.

1.  Use text properly

Most of the most important information about your business is communicated by text. This goes beyond just what you say, but also what tone or even font you use. All these elements have to come to represent your business.

It is also important that you find the right balance between whitespace and text on your website. Do not put too much text on your website as it can be overwhelming for visitors.

2. Logo

Just like the text you choose, make sure your logo is instantly recognisable and reflects your business ideals and culture too. Your logo should also be consistently displayed on all brand materials.

3. Good pictures

Make sure you take high-quality pictures of your business on your website. VConnect even helps you get professional pictures and videos for your website. You can also get great free stock photos from sites like pixaby, however, I would recommend that you get professional images of your actual business and products for your website. This would make customers trust your business more.

4. Cost

You can get a website for differents costs depending on what you plan to do at the moment and where you intend to take your online presence. You can start with a free trial package from VConnect then get other packages as the business grows rather than spend exorbitantly huge amounts on a paid site.

Building a website could be a long, drawn-out, expensive process. What with expensive developers, hosting cost and developers who can’t make beautiful designs. VConnect helps small businesses come online and manage their brands on the internet. We know what your business wants. Learn more at www.vconnect.com/websiteenquiry



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