10 industry masterminds you will meet at SME Conference 1.0

One of the ideas we strongly believe in is that small businesses should be provided with the shoulders of giants to stand on. Giants you say? Yes giants, how else do you describe a line-up of speakers that include pioneers in sectors such as online payment and technology, a Stanford business coach, and other like-minded professionals. Here is the brilliant line-up of speakers at the SME Conference 1.0 ( can you tell how excited we are?) 1. Tayo Oviosu - Paga Founder and CEO of Paga, Tayo has over sixteen years of experience in a variety of technical and business roles in High-tech and Private Equity. Right before Paga, he was Vice President at Travant Capital Partners where he was responsible for executing the firm‘s investment strategy in West Africa. Aside his work at Paga, Tayo also ...

What is it like to work at Vconnect?

If you ever wondered what it's like to work at VConnect, here is a rare peep. The Techpoint.ng photography team came by our Marina office earlier this month and left us with impressive pictures. A few of us also spoke on what it's like to work at Nigeria's largest business search and engagement platform. The pictures: Through the entrance hall The bullpen Lobby / Lunch Room Abimbola Abati, Telesales “Working here is great for entry-level professionals. Expectations keep changing. The better you get, the more the management throws at you. Which is great. I like it.” – Abimbola Abati, Telesales, VConnect. From the rooftop

15 questions about VConnect’s #ViewMyCity competition (VMC FAQs)

It's a few days into our #ViewMyCity photo contest and we are loving the entries. See this picture of Idumota, Lagos for instance: [caption id="attachment_18000" align="alignnone" width="700"] Shot with Galaxy S5 over iPhone SE[/caption] The challenge is easy; take a picture of your city, share on social media and tag @vconnectnigeria. Whether you've been a photographer for a hundred years (congrats on being a vampire, by the way) or you just took your first picture yesterday, you are welcome to enter this competition. We already told you what the prizes are: N30,000, lunch with the VConnect Team and mindblowing consolation prizes. But we've received some interesting questions about the competition. So we thought we'd put all of them to rest once for all.

#DiscoverWithVConnect: See only the important things on our new results page

We are focusing on making it easier for you to find businesses with our new upgrades. So we supercharged our search results page. Our results page now comes in a flat-looking design, with a liberal use of colours. Search results are now intelligent. The engine returns related results across businesses, products, and services. You can further narrow down your results by using filters on the result page. Visit VConnect to search for a product or business and see for yourself. __ We rely on your feedback to make the experience the best it can be for you. Share your feedback in the comments. As always, we’ll be listening and taking your thoughts seriously.

How to apply to the VConnect #ViewMyCity photo contest

At VConnect, we are dedicated to promoting and connecting people to local businesses all over the country. We've just upgraded our website to make that easier. As part of our site upgrade, we want to reward our users for the effort of providing wonderful aerial shots or skyline images of Nigeria cities. These images once approved, will serve as background images to different cities on our homepage. There are lots of prizes to be won and to enter into the competition is free. To apply to the VConnect #ViewMyCity photo contest, simply do the following: Follow us on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @vconnectnigeria Upload and share “aerial view” images of different cities ...

#DiscoverWithVConnect – Keep track of your network with “activity feed”

More than a directory, more than a marketplace, VConnect is a network of buyers and sellers. On the left side of the homepage, you can keep track of your network. See your latest activities on VConnect, and what other people in your network are liking, sharing and rating. The nifty little segment of our upgrade that lets you do this is the “activity feed.” The objective is to summarize all the interactions in your network in one simple stream. You get to see who has just reviewed a business, what store/business one of your followers just liked or the type of business list another of your follower just created. This means you are not missing out on the ...