Bling is in-9 Ultimate Jewellery Ideas For The Bride

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The bridal jewelry completes the bridal look. The bride glows with resplendent ornaments and it makes her feel even more special on her day. Brides often plan their look in silos. That is, they purchase the outfits, accessories, and jewelry separately and often miss out on buying the right jewelry. The bride needs to understand that it is her day and she is the main focus of everyone’s attention, not her jewelry. Your wedding jewelry should not be loud enough to compete with you. It should be classy enough to compliment you and add to that bridal glow.

Here are a few tips that can help you pick the right jewelry among those that are trending:

1. Begin right


Well begun is half done. Get your bridal looks in place at least three weeks before the wedding. Once you purchase the wedding attire, have your priorities set for the jewelry. What are the pieces you intend to wear for your wedding functions, and what are the pieces you would like to carry as part of your trousseau.

2. Why the attire first

Your outfit, though might be a smaller purchase in terms of cost, is bigger than your jewelry. Make a mental list of the outfits you would need on the wedding day and the functions around it. Pick the outfits before the jewelry because if its the other way, you may end up investing money in something you would not wear. Start window shopping for jewelry by visiting your favorite stores simultaneously if you must (saves time too!)

3. Set a budget 

You need to set a budget for your jewelry lest you go overboard and run out of money to spend on everything else. Once you enter a store, it is also advisable to inform the store owner to show pieces within a budget (give a ballpark, not the actual figure). Doing so helps you prevent heartbreaks. What if you really like something and cannot afford it? Everything else may seem like a compromise after that. Remember, the best part of your look for your wedding will always be your smile.

4. Carry the attire 

It is advisable to carry pictures of the attire you wish to buy the jewelry for, or the attire itself. You would be able to see much clearly if the two go together. You can also keep the attire (a part of it perhaps) on you while trying the pieces.

5. Go creative



Mix it up with corals and gold or other stones. You can also get custom jewelry designed, like interchangeable pieces of jewelry. This is often easy with necklaces. For example, a chain pendant can convert to a necklace very easily through a design trick. This way you pay for one piece, but can wear it as two!

6. Keep your look in mind

Is your function a daytime one? Are you going to go heavy on the makeup or keep it dewy? Are you going to keep your hair up or leave it loose? These are some of the questions you should be able to answer while trying on jewelry. If you do not the answers, at least try to hold your hair up with the piece you try and also try it with your hair open, so you get a fair idea of what to buy.

7. Get inspired by others

You can also borrow jewelry influences from other cultures. If you are a traveler or have an open mind, this can be a reflection of your personality as well. It will not only give you a unique look but will also help you incorporate a place that inspired you in some way.

8.Revamp, Restyle, Recycle!

You have grown up picturing your wedding some way or the other. Part of it involves going through your mother’s wedding images and her heirlooms. If you do not intend to wear the same pieces as they are, get them cast into contemporary designs through a trustworthy jeweler. This way you can keep a part of a fond memory intact, as well get a unique design out of it.

9. The perfect ring

Last but certainly not the least, the ring! Choose a ring that you know you will wear it every day. Something that will not hinder your day to day work and also appeals to you visually. Do not go with a comparison of the size of the diamond in your mind, pick one that you love. And hey, who said you have to pick a diamond only? Go for your favorite colored or lucky stone!

Hope the tips help and you start the shopping on the right note! Congratulations on your big day and we hope to make it easier for you in every way possible. Whether it is wedding catering, a photographer, bridal makeover, or any other service you need, log on to Vconnect!



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