Getting through a rainy day-Curly hair hacks

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“Is this natural or did you pay to get this done?”, I love it when I hear that for curly hair ! But all it takes is the monsoon season to turn that smile upside down. Apart from looking electrocuted because of my curly hair, I also end up losing a lot of hair. How do us curlies save ourselves from that season after season? How to care for curly hair? Here are some best curly hair hacks and  tips to keep that hair and smile intact :

  1. Fight the Fizz- It is important to wage the war against the rain gods in the shower itself. There are now many options for curly hair products that could help. The best curly hack to fight frizz is to start using  quality shampoo (SLS and paraben free of course!) and apply the conditioner generously. Best shampoo for curly hair or best conditioner for curly hair is subjective to what suits your hair type. Also, apply enough leave in conditioner and go easy on the products )like a curl activator cream). It is advisable to use a quality hair mask regularly during the monsoon season. How you apply the two also makes a huge difference. Most people apply shampoo and the conditioner on top of the head first and work their way down. Apply the shampoo on top of the head last and the conditioner on top of the head first. This way the conditioner will not get washed off before it does its job.

    1. Dry right- Blot dry using a 100% cotton towel, instead of rubbing your hair vigorously with the towel. The former way will just help you with the frizz attack curly hair is prone to. If you do not wish to catch a cold in the rain, just use a diffuser for curly hair to dry your hair well. Hair dryer diffusers are detachable and easily available in the market.
    1. Waterproofing- The rainy day product arsenal is well equipped in this day and age. There are good products that can waterproof your hair and save it from frizz. Rain proofing the hair seals the cuticles. You can put it through the lengths of your hair before air drying or blow drying.

  1. Style right- It is always a good idea to follow the weather forecast to know when to really step out or at least be as prepared for it as possible. If you cannot avoid it at all, you can still do a lot to save your hair.  Do not touch that hairbrush! As a curly, you would already know that. There are many ways on how to style curly hair. Pour at least a quarter-sized alcohol and silicone free conditioner and leave in conditioner and work it through the length of the hair. Gently graze it on top of your head to make the cuticles smooth. Wear it in any way from the countless curly hairstyle videos available online or just put it up. Gather your hair on one side and loosely tie it in a ponytail. Secure it with bob pins to make a nice messy bun. If this seems like too much of an effort, just leave it open and wear your hair wet. It always looks good! But beware of the drying part and carry a frizz control serum to control the frizz that you get after drying.


  1. Touch it not- Once you have styled and used ample products to secure the curls, do not touch your hair. We have the habit of touching our hair at regular intervals and it opens the locked curls. It also contributes to a lot of frizz. Add to that the rains make the hair even more porous which amplifies the swelling of the hair. This is due to the sweat and heat being transferred from our hands to the hair, raising the cuticles and causing frizziness.
  2. Sweet dreams- when you sleep, use a silk/satin pillowcase or simply secure your hair in a bun and cover it with a silk scarf. It helps to keep the curls intact and also does not dry out your hair. Fibers of the regular towels and clothes stick to the hair making it look dry. This affects the curlies much worse because curly hair is naturally dry.

We hope these best curly hair hacks help you get through the rainy day well. Apart from taking care of hair, taking care of your body is equally important. The humidity that comes with monsoon can rid our skin of the moisture it needs. Get a regular massage, exfoliators and maintain your skin through VConnect Body Care services. Hire a professional today!

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