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38 Essential Lagos Restaurants

Lagos' cosmopolitan nature means there's really no widely recognised state food, unless you count Jollof rice. Okay, let's count jollof rice. But as much as we all love Jollof, I don't think anyone eats it week in, week out. Variety is needful. Smart business people recognise this, that's why there's always a new restaurant opening every other week. It's really easy now to get overwhelmed by the wealth of options available to the hungry and the pallette-curious. So, we've rounded up 38 of the most essential eat out options in Lagos. In our list, you’ll find, Chinese restaurants, Continental, Indian, Pizza joints, cafes and a bunch of other eating options. You're welcome. 1. Izanagi

10 budget phones you can buy for under N20,000 in Nigeria: 2016

Before diving into this list, stuff your expectations of feature-rich powerhouses like the iPhones and Galaxy S-anythings. I mean, it’s right there in the title, right? You don’t expect to see “10 Budget Phones” in the same sentence as those phones (unless you’re crashing people’s castles in the sky the way I just did). But that doesn’t mean the end of the world. Every experienced bargain hunter will tell you, it doesn’t have to cost an arm, a leg and two portions of your soul, to buy a good looking, even functional phone. All the budget phones in this list cost under N20,000 which is just a tenth of the price you'll pay for flagships such as the iPhones, Galaxys and HTC Xs. 1. Nokia X

5 places to get good Indian food in Ikeja

If you’ve seen the movie, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, then Indian food needs no introduction. And neither do I need to convince you that it’s the bizniz. But that movie snuck past a lot of people’s radar, so I have to tell you a little about Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is as traditional as food gets. Most meals are prepared using locally available spices, herbs, and fruits, combined with fish, shrimps, crabs and whatever interesting thing the chef can lay his hands on. The only surprise for the uninitiated is the absence of meat (Indian cuisine is practically vegetarian) But that shouldn’t discourage you in the least bit. Each meal is a feast for the eyes and nostrils. Having said all that, here are four places in Ikeja where you can get ...

7 best places to eat authentic Italian food in Ikoyi

Ikoyi may just be a small part of Lagos Island, but its food scene is buzzing. The area has really opened up to a diverse culinary experience. Here we're looking at the best places to find Italian cuisine. If there's one thing to describe Italian cuisine, I'd say it's food with character. And if you live or work around Ikoyi, or you're thinking of a good place to try out Italian food (while reenacting scenes from The Godfather, no less), have a look at the places below. 1. Orela Bar and Restaurant 114, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi For an eating spot on the popular Awolowo Road, Orela is still relatively unknown. But make no mistakes about it, this is ...

The complete list of places to get good pizza in Lagos

Lagos may have the largest pool of options when it comes to pizza places, but not all pizza places are made equal. If you've been eating pizza for a while, you'll know that while some folks just don't know the secret formula, others seem to have nailed the art of creating the perfect pizza combination, down to a science. Identifying the very best joints can be difficult when there seems to be a new pizzeria springing up every month. Fortunately, we've managed to track down every place where good pizza is served. Whether you prefer thin-crust or something thick, extra cheese, simple-and-plain or loaded with toppings, here’s our rundown of the best places to get good pizza in Lagos. 1. Pizza-Riah 13, Musa Yardua Street, Victoria Island.

Lagos’ best 5 restaurants with free WiFi and workspace

Ideally, we'd walk confidently into a paid coworking space like the LitCaf at e-Center or one of those swanky member's only coworking spaces like Capital Square, Cranium One, or Idea Hub. But some of us are all about shared public spaces with free WiFi and great ambience. All the following restaurants have free WiFi and they allow you do your office thing for a bit. Our advice? Don't overdo it, and make sure to buy something. Depending on how long you'll stay, you can spread out your purchases throughout the day.  1. Cafe Neo 16, Akin Adesola street, Angelikas, Victoria Island Cafe Neo sells amazing coffee, the baristas are friendly and the WiFi is super fast. It's not strange to find several ...