When to ask for a review at your small Nigerian business, and how

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When it comes to getting new customers for your business, reviews are essential. In a time when liberal self-expression is the prevailing way of life, it’s not what you say about your business that matters; it’s what others say about you.

Reviews are more effective than the best advert copy or product description.

There is something tricky, however, about asking people for reviews. One of the many questions we get from entrepreneurs are; “how do we ask for the reviews” and “when do we ask.” And understandably so: people react differently to requests like “please write a few words about us online.”

Also, there is a challenge with what time to ask. Is it before providing your service? After providing your service? While you are providing your service? Or some other time? We’ll go over that in this post.

Based on our experience handling the customer-side of our business, we know a few things that work.

1. Don’t ask for reviews until you’ve provided a GOOD service

This addresses the question of when to ask for reviews. If you run a restaurant, you need to understand that your patrons are not in your restaurant to write reviews. They are out to grab lunch, dinner or something else. Certainly not to write.

So, it’s better to let them get their core task out of the way before asking them to write about you. You may have one angry customer on your hands if you put your needs before theirs.

Once you’ve delivered a superior customer experience, you can ask for reviews, and they’ll be happy to oblige you.

2. Don’t interrupt their experience

Still on what time to ask for a review. Even when you’ve delivered the superior service, you want to be careful you are not interrupting their experience in your request for a review.

You don’t walk up to them simply because they are done with their meal, for instance.

You want to consider their conversations and family moments. And this is tricky. A silent table could mean the family is having a moment. Or it could mean they are bored.

It’s why non-obtrusive ways of asking for a review work fine. A table tent with a message “Review us on VConnect,” can help you communicate your desire for a review even without you asking verbally.

You could supplement that with a gentle reminder at checkout.

3. Be specific about your ask

This addresses the question of how to ask.

Businesses can be tempted to use boilerplate niceties when asking for reviews. But this may sound off trite and tired. Instead, genuinely ask about their experience and ask them to write about those specific experiences.

For example, instead of asking “If you’ve enjoyed our service, please review us on VConnect,” ask “If you’ve enjoyed our Ribs and Onion Rings, please write a few words about us on VConnect.”

Action points to ask for reviews:

– Ask  for reviews only after you’ve rendered a great service

– Don’t interrupt your customers’ experience

– Point out specific things they might want to review


The more reviews your business gets, the more customers you get and more sales you make. VConnect provides brand aids that can help you inspire your customers to review your business. Click here to get them for FREE.


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