Apartment for Rent in Apapa – How Much You Should Expect To Pay

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When in Lagos, you just can’t run out of places to live. If you’re open to residing close to Lagos Island and close by the ports and container terminal then Apapa is the right fit for you. Notable offices, factories, refineries and entertainment spots are located in Apapa. They include the recently renovated Apapa amusement park, Apapa Mall, Snake island. Tarkwa bay beach is also very close by.

As much as Apapa is hub for a lot of businesses and commercial activities; it has enough apartments that give convenience. Apapa is indeed a safe neighbourhood; the popular areas are Ajegunle, Apapa GRA, Ijora, Liverpool Road and a few more. Rents for apartments in these areas vary according to 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Furthermore they are available in 3 categories namely, economical, standard and luxury apartments.

Economical Apartments

1 Bedroom Apartment

If you want one of the least expensive 1 bedroom apartments’ in Apapa, you can find them available with N200, 000 – N350, 000 per annum. You will specifically find these apartments in places like Ijora, Amukoko and Ajengunle. Don’t expect a lot of amenities, but you should get the basic like water supply, toilet/bathroom/kitchen, and electricity.


2 Bedroom Apartments

You’ll find really affordable 2 bedroom apartments in Apapa with a budget of N300, 000 – N500, 000 annually. Such apartments come with water supply, en-suite rooms, visitor’s toilet, gated compound, and electricity. You may be forced to park on the streets due to inadequate car parks. These apartments are available in Ijora, Ajegunle, Boundry Road, Mobil Road, Apapa Road amongst others.

3 Bedroom Apartments

For 3 bedroom apartments in Apapa, with a budget of N450, 000 to as much as N600, 000 annually, you’ll find a decent and convenient place. These apartments come with water supply, en-suite rooms, and gated-compounds with at least one parking space. The areas in Apapa you’ll find these apartments are: Ajegunle, Mile 2 Wharf, Ijora, Amukoko amongst others.

Standard Apartments

1 Bedroom Apartment

With a standard budget you have a little more to expect in qualities of apartments. Standard 2 bedroom apartments in Apapa are located in preferred areas like Apapa Jetty, Apapa port and a few more. Expected annual rent is between N250, 000 to N400, 000. Amenities include parking space, good roads, water supply, wardrobes, so also kitchen cabinets.


2 Bedroom Apartments

With a budget of N400, 000 – N600, 000 per annum, you will get a standard 2 bedroom apartment in Apapa. Amenities to expect in a standard 2 bedroom apartment include water supply, gated compound, parking space, en-suite rooms, kitchen, balcony, fitted kitchen. Areas in Apapa where these apartments can be found include: Ajegunle, Apapa Road, Boundry, Ijora amongst others.

3 Bedroom Apartments

Every apartment comes with its different features, 3 bedroom apartments are the go-to choice for families who want the serene expereience on a budget. The expected annual rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in this category ranges from N500, 000 to as much as N700, 000. Areas you’ll find these apartments are in Amukoko, Randle Road, Child Avenue, Ijora, Calcutta, Oduduwa Road, Liverpool, Wharf amonst others.

Luxury Apartments

If you want to live in the most convenient and appealing environments in the neighbourhood, the luxury apartments are the places to look.

1 Bedroom Apartment

For a 1 bedroom apartment, the budget goes from N350, 000 to as much as N500,000, with amenities like sufficient parking spaces, good water supply, gated compound, security, visitor’s toilet. The areas to find these apartments are GRA Apapa, Central Avenue, Kofo Abayomi, amongst others.

2 Bedroom Apartments

For this kind of apartment, the budget starts from N850, 000 to about N2, 000, 000. They come with security, gated compound, good water supply, conducive parking spaces, electricity. Areas in Apapa with these apartments are: Liverpool, Point Road, GRA Apapa, so also Park lane.

3 Bedroom Apartments

These may come with a gym, swimming pool, badminton court, ample parking space amongst others. They are located in the highest priced places in Apapa to live; Simisola Estate, Forcado, GRA Apapa,Park lane, Liverpool, Oduduwa Road. The budget for a 3 bedroom flat is N2,000, 000 – N3, 500, 000.

Few things you should look out for before paying for an apartment in Lagos include
• Roads
• Consider the environment during rainy season; is it accessible?
• Security and safety as some areas in Lagos have bad records of robbery and fights.

Given these points, you should now know how to source for a good place and get a reasonable deal, get help from a registered and trusted estate agent if need be.


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