How To Get Effective & Affordable Branding In Nigeria

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Corporate branding is a very essential part of running any company or business. To really understand branding, you need to know what a brand is.  A brand is the idea or image of a product or service that people can connect with or identify. Branding has to do with a unique logo, slogan or even color that can be attributed to a certain product or company. To any business owner or professional, branding sounds expensive.

No, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Expensive branding doesn’t even necessarily translate to effective branding.  Branding is effective when people can easily identify your product, logo or even a slogan. This doesn’t just include you selecting a brand image, but also marketing it effectively.  

We’ve put together some tips to help you create an effective brand in Nigeria:

Create a Visual Identity

The first step to branding your product or service is to create a visual identity in the form of a logo. This is the foundation of branding and will help with every other step in the branding process.

You should discuss with a graphic designer on how you want your business to look. There are certain questions to ensure that your logo effectively communicates the feeling of your product or service. You can get a great logo designed for as low as N10,000.  Ask around, check Instagram, and make sure you ask for samples of the person’s previous works. Every logo designer should send you several options to choose from.

Your logo design is very important because it somehow defines the look of everything else; your website, packaging, and other branding materials. Some designers design a logo and show how it’ll look on a business card and other branding materials.

Product Packaging

If you have a product, your product packaging is very important. If possible, you should source for the packaging yourself. It is usually cheaper that way. You can buy items like bottles, bowls or bags in bulk at Balogun Market.

Once you get your product packaging, you can get a printer to print out your brand name. You can get the product label designed separately and print out stickers.  Depending on the size of the stickers it can cost as low as N20 per sticker.

Promotional Materials

Even if your business is service based, branding goes beyond the logo. It covers essential things like business cards, as well as promotional items like pens, shirts or mugs. Business cards are usually priced in bulk. You can get 100 cards for as low as N5000. Most companies will buy the items and print for a round price. However, it might cheaper to buy the items yourself and only pay for printing.

With branding, it is usually cheaper to print a large number of items. Promo materials are extremely important. They get to places that your advertising may not. . For example, Nigerians like to keep and reuse carrier bags. Your carrier bag or pen might be in Lokoja, and you’ve never been there.

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Promote Your Brand

Your branding is only fully effective when people can identify it through your website, packaging, or promo materials. For advertising, you have several options. You can engage an advertising agency to help you. Otherwise, you can profile your target audience and list your options. With social media marketing, you can either do yourself or contact an agency for.

Remember that branding is a continuous process. The key to getting both affordable and effective branding is to ask a lot of questions. You have to look at all your options and compare costs. You can even think outside the box and do things that haven’t been done before.

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